Programs to Install on Your Computer

Let’s say you bought a PC, computer, laptop, call it whatever you want. Do you want to find out what software you need to install from the beginning for the device to run completely smoothly? Then read this article carefully. For each of you, your computer requirements may be different, but we will try to make a list of the most important software and computer programs needed by anyone who wants to use their personal computer in optimal conditions.

The first software you need on your computer is, of course, the operating system, but here we have chosen to refer to those who install a versions of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7/8, because they are the majority. Linux fans, please do not be offended.

1. Antivirus

In no case it is recommended to start browsing the Internet without an antivirus software, a mandatory one when you connect to the Internet. Personally, I use Avast, which has worked in perfect conditions for a couple of years now. I would also recommend BitDefender or Kaspersky, since they are always in the first positions in antivirus tops.

2. Archive / unzip

It is extremely useful because some kits come archived and you do not want just to stare at them. The most famous and effective unzip software is WinRAR.

3. Browser

If you want to rapidly grow white hairs and see your browser get blocked every five minutes, you can stay faithful to Internet Explorer that comes installed in Windows. At least for a few weeks, it will behave honorably, but there is no excuse not to want something better. That translates into PC programs such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

4. Virtual drive

Did a friend give you some kits in the form of image on a USB stick? You can see the content of the image and install WinRAR (because a picture is itself an archive), but a much more elegant way of use in the future would be to install a computer program that creates a virtual optical drive. The most popular and effective of all time is Daemon Tool.

5. CD / DVD / Blu – ray writing

Basically, the era of CDs and DVDs has passed since people now backup their information on the optical discs mentioned. Most users transfer data on memory sticks that have reached impressive storage or portable hard drives. But it is a whole crazy thing to make a bootable USB stick (to install an operating system), so CD and DVD are better for this mission. How to burn a disc? The most popular program for this is Nero. The downloadable version costs 80 euros.

6. Multimedia

Surely you want to listen to music or watch a movie on your computer. BS Player, VLC are the best programs to watch movies. In terms of music, we are going to go with the classic Winamp. It is indeed the most popular, but there are alternatives, some a little more successful.

7. Office suite

Other useful programs for the PC are for viewing and editing Word and Excel documents. Sure, Microsoft Office is by far the best program of its kind, but its price is high. Therefore, we strongly recommend you OpenOffice, which does a very good job for an ordinary user, even if at first you’ll need a short period of adjustment to the interface and its options.

8. Storage of files in cloud

Other programs that should be installed on your computer are those that allow you to put files in a cloud, not necessarily for backup, but for the ability to access them easily on other computers or even phones and tablets. The most popular program for cloud is undoubtedly Dropbox. However, there are alternatives such as SkyDrive, a Microsoft program that has the advantage of offering 7 GB of space instead of the 2 GB of Dropbox.

9. Photo editing

Holiday pictures can be seen easily with the program preinstalled on Windows, but what do you do when you want your pictures to occupy less space or to remove something from the scenery? You can use free programs for photos such as Irfan View, which is very easy to use, or you can turn to online editing programs. The best (and most expensive) solution is obviously Adobe Photoshop.

10. Torrents

DC + + is long gone from user preferences and torrents are the favorite method to download files from the Internet. One of the best software for this is uTorrent, but if you do not like it for various reasons, you use any other programs: Vuse, BitComet or ABC.

So, there are basically our suggestions for a beginner in the ways of computer. All these computer programs are almost mandatory for a good use of your PC. Sure, it’s possible you need other programs, because there are many software that you install gradually, but the computer programs presented here are mandatory immediately after installing the operating system.