black opal

Throughout thousands of years rich people have used precious stones to make themselves beautiful, be it in rings, necklaces, pendants, crowns or bracelets. It was a sign of well being and of great taste. One might find it absurd to pay millions of dollars on a stone but everyone agrees that these gems are special. They are living proofs that nature creates exquisite things. Although there are many cheaper ways to have jewelry, one being making your own jewelry, we just have to show you the most rare and expensive precious stones that exist out there.

10. Jeremejevite


This rare stone takes its name after the man who discovered in it 1883, Pavel Jeremejev. It can be found in Namibia and it’s a colorless, pale yellow or sky blue stone and it is found in nature in the form of a crystal obelisk and it was usually mistaken for aquamarine. This rare and expensive precious stone costs $2000 per carat. So next time you need a ring stone, you know what to choose.

9. Black Opal

black opal

This beautiful precious stone can be found in Australia which is the world’s most important supplier of expensive opals. Other countries that export opal stones are Brazil, Mexico, U.S, Ethiopia and Mali. What makes this precious stone special is the play of colors that is absolutely fascinating. Other special feature is that Black Opal costs $2,355 per carat.

8. Red Beryl Emerald

red beryl diamond

This rare gem is not the usual green colored emerald. The red beryl emerald is usually found in the Wah Wah Utah mountains and in some locations in Mexico. This beautiful red emerald occurs on rhyolite and it’s crystallized under high temperature and low pressure in the porous places of volcanic magma. This is one of the most rare and expensive precious stone since there aren’t many cut stones in the world. The red beryl emerald costs $10,000/ carat.

7. Musgravite


The musgravite is not only one of the most rare and expensive precious stones, it’s also one of the most recently discovered. The musgravite belongs to the silicate mineral family and it’s made of magnesium, aluminum, and beryllium. It’s name comes from the place where it was first discovered in Musgrave, Australia. Other places where musgravite can be found are Madagascar, Greenland and Sri Lanka. This fascinating stone costs $35,000/carat.

6. Grandidierite


This blue-green  precious stone can be found mostly in Madagascar. The grandidierite takes its name after the historian who discovered it, Alfred Grandidier and was mistaken at first for a serendibite. The grandidierite is a trichroic mineral and it can transmit green, blue and white light. This lovely precious stone (that would look good on our tiara) costs $50,000.

5. Painite


This precious stone was once the rarest mineral stone in the world and was discovered in Myanmar in the 50s. For a long time, scientists believed that there are only three painite crystals in the world. The painite takes its name from the discoverer Arthur C.D. Pain. Before 2005 there were only 25 painite crystals found but more were discovered recently in Myanmar. This couldn’t miss from our list of rare and expensive precious stones since a carat of painite costs almost $60,000.

4. Blue Garnet

blue garnet

The garnets stones can be found in many colors like red, yellow, orange, green, purple, black, pink, brown and blue. The rarest of these garnets are the blue ones. The blue garnet is a precious stone that was discovered in the 1990’s in Madagascar. It can also be found in Russia, Turkey and some parts of the U.S. the blue garnet contains vanadium in high amounts and this gives the stone its ability to change its colors from greenish-blue to purple, if you hold it in incandescent light. It usually costs $1.5 million per carat but the most expensive one, which has 4.2 carats, was sold for $6.8 million.

3. Serendibite


This is one of the most rare and expensive stones in the world and it is made of calcium, aluminum, magnesium, boron, silicon and oxygen. The serendibite is usually cyan colored and it was discovered in Sri Lanka. Only three faceted seredibite stones exist in the world right now: one of 0.55 carats, 0,35 carats and 0,56 carats. A carat of this beautiful gem costs around $2 million.

2. Rare And Expensive Precious Stones – Red Diamonds

red diamond

Produced in the Argyle Mine in Australia, red diamonds are one of the most rare and expensive precious stones on earth. This purplish red diamond costs around $2.5 million and are sold in auctions every year.

1. Jadeite


This mystery mineral, as it was known until recently can be found in Guatemala and some parts of California and it costs around $3 million per carat.

This was our list of most rare and expensive precious stones in the world. What is your favorite?