beautiful hair tips

A beautiful hair is an essential element for a neat look. But what to do when you do not have much time and your hair gives you headaches? We suggest some simple tricks that you can use to solve any problem you have with your hair, with minimal effort.

1. Gives it volume without expensive and sophisticated products

The evening before bed, get your wet hair in a ponytail on top of head, then twist it around the elastic so that you get a loose bun. All you have to do in the morning before start your day is to split the bun and voila! Curly hair with a lot of volume, looking as beautiful as if you had spent hours at the hairdresser’s.

2. Curl it without curlers or a curling iron

In the evening before going to bed, apply some hair spray all over the hair length, divide it into several sections and then entwined each strand in a braided tail. In the morning, spare a few minutes to unwrap your pigtails and you can enjoy the curls obtained throughout the day. Simple, fast and efficient!

3. Effectively mask oily hair

We all know how it is to wake up and realize that the hair began to become oily, but time does not allow you to wash it. Well, you can opt for a quick trick that guarantees you will not reveal the secret. Tease locks from the front and get them back or on the side with a hairpin and the rest of the hair pull it in a ponytail. People will think that you simply opted for a new look and your secret is safe.

4. You have curly hair and you have not had time to wash it?

No problem, there is an emergency solution that restores the beauty of your curls without washing your hair. Simply wet your hair and apply some mousse throughout hair length. Dry it with a hair dryer with diffuser, especially for curly hair or let it dry naturally. Your curls will look so good that no one will suspect anything.

5. A ponytail on one side, ideal for any type of hair

If hair pulled back in a traditional ponytail can give the impression that you have not had time to fix your hair, a ponytail to one side is always a change of look, nice and always welcomed. Tease a little hair to give it volume, then pull it with an elastic on one side and let it fall on your shoulder. Chic and feminine, a solution always at your fingertips.

6. Wear a hat

Hats are a stylish and very chic, suitable for any season. Wear your hat in order to match it with an outfit and wear it all day. Thus, you not only effectively mask any problem you have with your hair, but you will also be noticed for your style.

7. No disheveled hair

The hair will look nicer and brighter if, during the cold season you apply two to three times a month a hydrating mask. Thus your hair will be shiny and you get rid of disheveled hair that can thin the ends.

8. Beautiful hair when you remove the hat

We know what it’s like to arrange your hair all morning and when you get to the office or school, after you remove the hat or headpiece, it look like you have not even combed it. Well, we have a trick for you. Before you put your hat on, take strands of your hair and form a mini bun on top of your head. Then you can put the hat on. When you take it out and open your bun, you will have volume and you hair will look great.

9. No electrified hair

To get rid of electrified hairs, use a wooden comb. Also, the conditioner is important. Use a conditioner according to your hair type, but with moisturizer. If all else does not work, use a spray or anti – frizz serum.

10. Another trick for oily hair

You can make hair look less oily and stay clean longer if you put a white tea bag in a cup of hot water and when it cools, just add a squeeze of lemon juice. Put the liquid into a spray bottle and apply it on the hair. Try to stay with the mixture on your hair as long as you can: ideally, you should apply the mixture in the morning and wash your hair in the evening

The process must be repeated for a month to see the effects.