bored couple in bar

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of single friends and it seems that, compared to past years, it’s getting harder and harder to connect with someone. Whether it is the busy lifestyle, fear of getting hurt or simply not meeting anyone at least a little bit compatible, there are more single men and women now than ever. And they all try to have a positive look on life, thinking that hope is not yet lost. Here are some of the most common statements you will hear from single women.

1. I’m not ready for a relationship

Oh, darling, you are. So, stop using this excuse. Almost all single women, when talking about their relationship status, will tell you that they are in fact single, but because they choose so, because they are not ready to commit. Although in some cases this might be true, for most women this is one of those little white lies we tell, just to feel better about ourselves.

2. I’m not even trying to meet somebody

While some aren’t in fact trying (because they are sick of it), others spend their free time in bars, clubs, online dating sites, speed dating… you name it. Because they are trying to meet someone, but for some reason, they don’t quite achieve their goal.

3. All the good guys are taken or gay

After a series of disastrous dates (and we’ve all been there at least once), you’ll probably feel like there isn’t one decent man left in this world. In reality, there are still men who share your values and dreams, and maybe they were as well disappointed as you were. But, when you’ve been in the dating world for a while, I would see why you would think that.

4. I don’t even feel the need to have sex anymore

Who are you trying to lie to? Yourself or the rest of the world? Lack of sexual intercourse in not something you get used to, especially if you were active before. It’s like having to wear the same T-shirt every day and now you hate it so much that you just want to cut if of you.

5. He probably lost my number

Yes, you met him and gave him your phone number, but he never called again. Although there might be a 1% chance that he has in fact lost you phone number (his phone got stolen or he dropped it from the 3rd floor), this doesn’t actually happen all that often in real life. In real life, men act like they enjoyed meeting you, but never call you again. And if you’re thinking it’s your fault, you’re probably right. But it’s not your fault per se, it was probably lack of compatibility. And this is the way some men deal with it, by telling you they’re going to call and never do. So, move on.

6. I hate happy people

When you’re single and miserable is like all of a sudden everyone around you is so happy, kissing, receiving flowers. And these people are everywhere and it’s more than understandable that you cannot stand them, because it’s like they are doing everything to show you they are so much better and so much happier than you. During this period, try to avoid the park or romantic tea places, because this is where it all happens.

7. Should I shave my legs today?

When you have been single for a while, at one point you stop taking care of yourself. In the beginning you were always careful to go out using makeup and fragrant perfume, but now, after some time has passed, you stopped caring about yourself. What is the point in spending money to get your legs waxed if nobody will touch them? Why take a shower since you’re not going out. It’s probably difficult to accept, but you should take care of yourself because of you, not because of others. Nobody says you have to try that much, but basic hygiene rules are never to be forgotten, unless you are stranded on a deserted island.

8. I’m so happy my friend is getting married

You are happy that your friend is getting married? And she only just met the guy? And he is so much cuter than she is? Life is unfair and if you are a little jealous, it’s perfectly normal. As long as you don’t try to ruin things for her, you are safe. At some point, we all wished our lives resembled more that of a close friend or a relative.

9. I’m open to meet someone new

You might think that, but that’s not entirely true. As time goes by, you become very picky and you find a flaw in every guy you meet. Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry broke up with a girl because she was eating peas piece by piece? Well, something like that.

10. I’m happy with my life

If you are realistic enough to notice the good things in your life (good friends, beautiful family, rewarding job), then yes, you can say you are happy despite that fact that you are single. But some women become so bitter due to the lack of a male presence in their lives, that they are unable to appreciate all the things they have.

So, what do you find yourself saying when you’re single?