Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

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It is a well-known fact that the same skin care ritual does not work for all seasons. During spring, the changing temperatures change our beauty needs as well, which means that you need products tailored to your skin type before you expose it to the strong rays of the sun or seasonal allergic reactions. The term spring cleaning should not only apply to your household, personal wardrobe or Facebook friends, but also in terms of beauty and skincare, because during spring, skin tissue begins to come into contact with different environmental factors, some of them who could harm it.

Experts recommend the use of special products in early spring, which act as a protective shield against aggressive factors. Here are ten skin care products you need this spring.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

1. Eye serum treatment

Since the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive and bags under the eyes tend to be a frequent problem in spring (especially amid allergic reactions or water retention), so it needs special care during spring.

Therefore, search for a treatment for eyes in the form of a serum with antioxidants (such as those based on grape seed oil) and resveratrol. Applied cold around the eyes, this product reduces puffiness, fades dark circles and moisturizes.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

2. Sunscreen

It’s never too early to start using sunscreen. Spring also means greater exposure to ultraviolet light, which affects the skin’s suppleness and promotes premature aging and skin stains. For this reason, it is very important to use daily sunscreen with SPF of at least 30. If you are bothered by greasy sunscreen lotions, look for a formula that is easily absorbed and that contains: organic cucumber extract, green tea, aloe vera.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

3. Treatment for lips

After being exposed to the cold for a long time, lips can be extremely sensitive to early spring wind which can contribute greatly to their cracking. Therefore, you need an intense lip moisturizer, preferably with organic ingredients with no preservatives, additives or artificial colors. Try a lip balm based on green tea or Shea butter. Before applying the treatment, exfoliate your lips with a special product or simply remove the dead skin with a small brush, covered by a layer of sugar.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

4. Lighter body lotion

Now, the body is not exposed to extreme cold and very dry air, so you can replace fatty body lotions with some lighter ones, to form a thin film on the skin. Body oils are a lighter alternative to greasy lotions, providing the optimum level of hydration. In addition, their application is easy (they often come in the form of spray) and have a very pleasant smell, if you choose a formula with natural scents of lavender, green tea etc.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

5. Vitamin-based serum

As the body needs more food sources of vitamins and minerals in the beginning of spring, the skin also craves the same nutrients. Therefore, you need vitamin-based serums that protect cutaneous tissue from specific environmental factors.

Serums are useful in treating major skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and lack of firmness. They also have numerous anti-aging ingredients in high concentrations, useful in preventing the consequences of exposure to UV rays. Before using such a product, apply a heavy moisturizer.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

6. Exfoliating cleanser

Undoubtedly, the cold and dry air left behind portions of dry and flaky skin that must be removed so that other care products can have effect.

In this respect, it is better to buy an intense cleanser with an exfoliating effect, based on glycolic acid that leaves the skin supple, brighter and younger. Use this product 2-3 times a week and do not forget to moisturize immediately after, otherwise you risk developing a rash. Do not forget the skin on the body, because exfoliation is necessary here too.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

7. Mattifying wipes

If in winter you forgot about the nuisance of excess sweat and sweat on the face, all this comes back in the warm season. Therefore, it is good to have in your purse a pack of mattifying wipes, which cleanse your skin during the day and will get rid of unsightly shine, also regulating sebum production on the skin surface.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

8. Toner

A revitalizing toner can be used in every spring for hydration, protection and freshness of the skin. Look for a formula with moisturizing ingredients, so the product does not dry or irritate the skin further.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

9. Thermal water

Thermal water is a must in warm/hot weather and it is the perfect thing to add to your purse. Use it every time you feel the need to freshen up, but you are unable to wash your face because you are wearing make-up. It is just amazing what thermal water can do besides refresh your skin: gets rid of redness, rashes, calms skin, enables make-up to last longer.

Skin Care Products You Need this Spring

10. Hand cream

Caring for your hands can never be left in the background, especially because they are often regarded as the business card of every woman/man. Therefore, your hands must be washed, cleaned and hydrated properly. Make sure you use a light hand cream which is easily absorbed. In terms of ingredients, look for olive oil. You’ll understand why.