Staying fit or getting into shape can be a real pain but thanks to the wonders of modern technology and our collective obsession with counting and data now it doesn’t have to be. These ten awesome fitness apps can help you stay in shapa and keep you motivated and focused on your training regimen. Whether by  fun, motivation or blackmail, these apps keep you moving and should be given more than a passing glance.


10. RunKeeper Pro


This running app is a bit expensive but it is a classic. On the Iphone for quite a while now, runkeeper pro now works with most outdoor physical activities that you can imagine. It also integrates with most social platforms and uploads your data to a personal profile on its own website so you can track your activities.


9. Couch25K

Maybe you’re too out of shape to use the above app? Not a problem, start your journey to running success today with this step by step app to running like a pro. Though there are plenty of C25K aides online the main advantage of this app is that you can use it with your own music without any hassle.


8. GymPact

Gympact is a great app with one simple premise: go to the gym, earn money. Don’t go, lose money. Admittedly you lose a lot more than you win but isn’t that how fitness works anyway? You wager a sum of money with Gympact every week and if you don’t meet your goals, the app automatically bills you that sum. If you do follow your training schedule you receive small sums of money gathered from other slackers.


7. Gorilla Workout

Maybe you don’t have the money to blackmail yourself into going to the gym. Maybe you don’t have any gym money. Not a problem! Gorilla Workout teaches you how to work out properly with next to no equipment needed.


6. Zombies, Run!

If you can’t find the heart or energy to go running, how about doing it to save the future of humanity? Zombies, Run! Is a nifty little game built like a radio drama, with you, runner 6, being chased by zombies while gathering supplies to help a fortified town full of survivors. Equal parts fitness app and social game Zombies, run will keep you running from the menacing horde.


5. Nike Fuelband

If you haven’t heard of the Nike Fuelband, google it soon. A wrist mounted pedometer build by nike the little gizmo stays with you while you go about your daily routine and tells you how much energy you’re burning in the form of Nike Fuel (or calories). This app syncs with the gadget and also provides you with points and prizes for reaching your goals.


4. Withings App

Another app that goes with a device, the Withings app is for the Withings scale, a n internet-enables smart scale that reads weight, muscle mass and a lot more. The app centralizes the data from the scale and displays it as a handy graph. Furthermore the app can help you plan your weight loss simple and securely.


3. Calorie Count

Working out isn’t enough for weight loss, you also need to control what to eat. And what better way than with this free app with no strings attached and several hundred thousand recipes and items searchable in a second?


2. Pocket Yoga

Yoga is surprisingly harder than it might seem at first glance but also more rewarding. This little  app can get you on the right way to a fitter, happier, more serene you by introducing you, step by step to the world of yoga. Exercise at home or at a gym, it doesn’t matter. Pocket Yoga will save you a lot of money and will gently ease you into the basics of the sport/art/practice.


1. Sports Tracker

Formerly a Symbian App, Sports Tracker made its way to the iPhone fairly quickly, considering the producers were locked in a deal with Nokia not 3 years ago. Nonetheless the app is great, and it is especially great when paired with the very good  Polar Hearttracker designed especially for the app. Even without the gadget, the app is in a league of its own tracking every sport and activity that you can imagine.  If there’s one app that you need  for staying in shape it is this one.