great reasons why you should vape

So you are thinking of quitting the habit but aren’t sure yet if it’s something you can or would even like to do. Whilst e-cig manufacturers and vaping products are not legally allowed to tell you their products can help you quit, the reality is that they have helped tens of thousands of people in the UK alone. If you are thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes or to vaping e-liquids, here are ten great reasons to try.

1) No Obnoxious Odors

One of the things smokers (and especially non-smokers for that matter) hate most about tobacco cigarettes is the horrible odor on your clothes, on walls in your home and in the car. Vaping e-liquids results in no obnoxious odors and if anything, some are even pleasantly aromatic.

2) No Ash

Since vaping products are not burned, there are no ashes to fly all over the place. Vaping is a much cleaner and sanitary practice so if you are looking for a cleaner alternative, vaping is the way to go.

3) An Abundance of Flavors

Although there are a number of herbal cigarettes on the market such as trendy clove smokes, tobacco cigarettes come in two distinct flavors, menthol and non-menthol. When you vape, you can choose from an almost unlimited assortment of Vaping Liquid flavors like those found here.

4) Controllable Strengths

Cigarette manufacturers are no longer allowed to advertise by ‘light,’ ‘medium’ and full-flavour when indicating the amount of nicotine because some misguided smokers thought they would be more or less harmful to your health. Can you believe anyone would actually think that? Unfortunately, they did so now it’s just easier to control your nicotine with vaping products. (And healthier as well)

5) Cheaper than Tobacco Products

Once you have bought your vaping device, buying e-liquid along the way is significantly cheaper than buying cigarettes. It is probably about half the cost, and in some cases even less.

6) ‘Feels’ Like Smoking

Puffing on an e-cig or vaping device actually provides the sensation of ‘smoking’ even though there is no fire and no smoke. The vapor is such that you puff it in and can blow it out just like real smoking.

7) No Carcinogenic Chemicals

Since there is no fire and no smoke, nothing is burning. That is where all those carcinogenic chemicals come from. It is not the nicotine but rather the tar and hundreds of other chemicals that result from burning a cigarette and inhaling the smoke.

8) Easy to Use

Once the vaping device is filled with vaping liquid and the battery is fully charged, that’s it! For up to 200 puffs you don’t need to do a thing – just press a button and puff away. There are no lighters or matches to fire up so what could be easier?

9) Can Smoke in Some Public Places

There are still a great number of places where you can use vaping devices as there is no second-hand smoke. Whilst increasing numbers of countries are banning their use in public, there are still a number of places in the UK where you can vape safely and legally. (A word of caution here – the rules may be changing and soon you may not be able to vape indoors anywhere in the UK in public.)

10) No Stains on Your Teeth

And last, but certainly not least, you will never get stained teeth from vaping liquids. Why? Because, once again, there is no smoke. It’s just vapor with nicotine that you will be inhaling and as a result, you never need to worry about ugly yellow-brown teeth.

If these ten great reasons why you should switch to vaping aren’t enough, there are probably at least one-hundred and ten more you could find. Vaping is safer, easier, cheaper, healthier and legal. What more is there to say?