The scariest places on Earth that will make your skin crawl and nights turn into strange creaks coming from the kitchen.

A list of the top ten scariest places are something we somehow badly wish to visit but at the same time want to avoid and forever forget about their existence. Take a look at some of the creepiest locations on Earth.

1. Pluckley, Kent


Described as one of the creepiest haunted villages in the UK, Pluckley it is believed to be visited by a large number of ghosts. The main scariest attractions are the Fright Corner, where a men met his death and the Screaming Woods where people still say they can hear the screams and cries of the dead.

2. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico


Xochimilco is a district found in Mexico City, that contains a system of canals and men made islands, called by locals, chinampas.The most famous one belonged to a man, Julian Santana Barrera. After discovering the body of a dead girl in one of the canals he started to collect old dolls and doll parts, which he used to hang from the trees on his island. He believed that doing so, would chase away evil spirits. He died in 2001, but the dolls are still there and the spooky island can be visited by boat. For sure The Island of Dolls can be called one of the most scariest places on Earth.

3. Hashima Island, Japan


Hashima Island it is known as the home of the ghosts, after it was abandoned. It is found around 15 km from Nagasaki and it used to be a coal mine facility from 1887 to 1947. The population reached 5,259 people by 1959, but now the only inhabitants of the island, are the spirits that are wandering around.

4. Tower of London


Legends say that the London Tower is haunted by the un resting souls of royals, many of them having died between the tower’s walls. Those who are believed to haunt the tower include the ghost of Thomas Becker who has been reported to be seen there, Richard Shrewsbury, Edward V, Anne Boleyn who was beheaded in 1536 at Tower Green and Catherine Howard who six years later has been executed.

5. Aokigahara, Japan


The next location is undoubtedly  one of the scariest places on Earth. The Aokigahara Forest is a place,where many people go to die. Placed at the bottom of Mount Fuji, the forest has a dense vegetation allowing people to disappear forever. Every year authorities find up to 100 bodies of people who had hanged themselves. The reason why so may people choose to put an end to their lives there is a mystery but some believe they were inspired by a novel who’s action was set there.

6. Paris Catacombs


The underground chambers contain the remains of six million people. The many caverns and tunnels are extended on a surface of 280 km underneath Paris and were used during the Second World War by the French Resistance. Tourists can visit the macabre rooms.

7. Edinburgh Castle


It is considered one of the most haunted sites in Scotland. In 2001, the rooms of the castle were rigorously inspected during a 10 day scientific project, and were used night vision equipment, cameras, thermal imaging and 240 volunteers. Almost half of the participants reported having seen ghosts and creepy phenomena, including sudden drop pf temperatures and the feeling that an unseen presence was grabbing their clothes.

8. Borley Rectory, Essex


Borley Rectory was built in 1863 on the spot of a church and monastery from the 12th century. A legend states that a monk from Borley fell deeply in love with a nun from a neighbour convent. The lovers were planning to elope, but they were discovered by elders of the monastery and he was hanged while she was buried alive in the chambers beneath the rectory. It is said that their tormented spirits are haunting the site ever since.

9. The Overtoun Bridge


Cant make top 10 scariest places on Earth whiteout including  the Overtoun bridge. The bridge is an arch shaped bridge situated close to Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland and was built in 1859. The bridge is famous by the number of unexplained dogs phenomena when dogs seem to have committed suicide by leaping off the bridge.

The strange incidents were first recorded in the 1950’s or ‘60s when dog owners noticed their dogs leaping off the bridge and falling fifty feet down. There were cases were the dogs would survive, get well and then would jump off the bridge again.

What makes this happening even more mysterious is that many of the dogs have jumped from the same side of the bridge and nearly the same spot. The question what is causing them to do this remained unknown. Some assume that the bridge is haunted.

In 1994 a man, threw his baby boy off the bridge claiming that he was the anti Christ. After he attempted to commit suicide in the same place.
Other Celtic theories stated that the bridge is the place where the world of the living meets the world of the dead.

10. Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA


Placed in the Colorado Rockies this reportedly haunted hotel was the place that inspired Stephen King’s scary novel, The Shining. The idea of the movie came to him when, during his stay in the room 217, he believed that room 418 was visited by the spirit of Lord Dunraven. Guests and staff members have also claimed hearing children playing in the hall ways late at night and piano music was heared coming from the empty ballroom.

Video episodes of these unexplained happenings can be found on YouTube and DVD’s made by those who were brave enough to face their fears and step foot on the ghosts realm.

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