If you’re serious about makeup then you have to have good brushes! No, you have to have the best make up brushes. It’s not only that the makeup is better applied with a good brush, but also they will also last longer (with proper cleaning, a good brush could last you 20 years!) and they will be gentle on your skin. A basic makeup brush kit should include: a foundation and concealer brush, a blush brush (that can also be used as a highlighter brush), one bronzer brush, a lipstick brush and 3 or 4 eye brushes (for applying shadow, for the crease and blending and drawing thin lines). So, let’s get started.

1. MAC Brushes

No surprise here, darlings, MAC brushes are indeed the best makeup brushes! They are expensive, unfortunately, but they’re worth it. There are bloggers out there who have MAC brushes from the early 90’s and are still using them. They keep their shape, the hairs don’t fall out and they wash beautifully. And the makeup… oh, the makeup turns out just as it should, perfect!

2. Sigma Brushes

Now, if you want something similar in quality but a lot cheaper, then turn to the Sigma brushes. Up until recently they were numbered the same as the MAC ones, but ever since they exploded onto the market, the manufacturers have come up with new numbers for them. They are good and less than half the price.

3. Bare Minerals Brushes

Bare Minerals brushes are the best makeup brushes for mineral makeup. Powder foundation, powder concealer and powder eye shadow are best applied with the brand which made popular the mineral makeup: Bare Minerals.

4. EcoTools Brushes

Let’s go green for a while and give EcoTools brushes a chance. They are insanely cheap, vegan (that means no squirrel or pony had to be plucked for these brushes), have a sturdy bamboo handle and come in natural cotton and hemp cases. And what about applying the make up? The blogosphere is quite happy about these. They compare it to the Sigmas and even the MACs.

5. NARS Makeup Brushes

NARS makes great makeup and one of the best makeup brushes. They are for the fashionistas out there, just because they look like they have been engineers by aliens. Apply the famous NARS Blush in Orgasm with their Blush Brush and achieve sheer blush perfection!

6. Sonia Kashuk Brushes

Sonia Kashuk brushes have been hailed by makeup guru Lisa Eldridge. And that is pretty much all I need. If Lisa recommends them, I trust her more than I trust my neighbor. Besides, the brushes’ design is very innovative and fun – a pleasure to work with them!

7. Shu Uemura Curler

Shu Uemura curler – not really a brush, but this is an iconic tool for curling eyelashes. It has become a fashion accessory. It is in every makeup artist’s kit and it should be in yours.

8. Laura Mercier Makeup Brushes

Laura Mercier does great brushes, that’s for sure. The travel kit is to die for and the eye crease brush is one of the best there are. Pricey, but worth it!

9. Crown Makeup Brushes

Crown has a variety of brushes you can choose from. They are quite affordable and do their job well. Don’t buy kits, stick to the individual ones. Apparently some brushes are exceptional, while other, not so good.

10. Local Art Shop Painting Brushes

Hot tip: believe it or not if you’re really on a budget, go to your local art shop and buy some painting brushes and use those! Try to match them as closely as possible to, let’s say, the MAC ones and you’re done. Very cheap and great for starting out.