We all know the feeling of sitting at work completely bored while we flick tiny pieces of paper at our bosses back and wonder why time is standing still. How different would life be if you had one of the world’s best jobs?

1. Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeon and the World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs

You won’t ever get bored being a neurosurgeon, that’s for sure. As well as being pretty exciting stuff it is also reportedly the highest paid job in the world. The poor souls who are on the lowest end of the pay scale have to scrape by on $120,000 per year, while the big earners get upwards of $500,000 as well as the chance to poke about in people’s brains.

2. Queue Waiter

The World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs and Queue Waiter

This job might not be as stressful as the last one but it pays pretty well and it gives you a chance to get some fresh air as well. In Washington DC there are professional queue waiters who will still in line on behalf of someone else. It might get a bit dull after a while, I suppose, but at $36 the hour it is probably worth it. It is said that 2 full days of waiting is not unknown, which would reel you in over $1,700 in earnings. For standing about. Doing nothing.

3. Beer Taster

The World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs and Beer Taster

You like beer and you need a job? Hey, I’ve got an idea for you. There are occasional vacancies in breweries for people to taste their products before they are put on general sale. You’ll need to have a pretty refined palate to do this entry on the world’s greatest jobs list.

4. Bed Tester

The World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs and Bed Tester

A student from Birmingham in the UK called Roisin Madigan got given the job which most students spend years practising for; bed tester. She was given £1,000 each month to spend 8 hours in a bed in a furniture showroom and then blog about it.

5. Baby Name Adviser

The World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs and Baby Name Adviser

New parents who have more money than sense could also line your pockets if you choose your career wisely. The consultants who help choose baby names will tell you that the name you choose for the little ones will greatly affect their future life and career paths, so it isn’t exactly stress free.

6. Airline Pilot

The World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs and Airline Pilot

This is one of the classic best jobs in the world but in these days of bed testers and beer tasters does it still hold the same sort of appeal? Of course it does. The lowest paid pilot jobs are pretty low paid – at $18,000 – but this can rise to $250,000. You would look cooler than a neurosurgeon as well.

7. Water Slide Tester

The World's Best and Weirdest Jobs and Water Slide Tester

If you like some thrills in your working life but aren’t quite so keen on heights then maybe you could be a water slide tester instead of a pilot. A travel agency worker from the UK called Tommy Lynch has tried out watery attractions all over the world in order to rate them. He probably hates his job.

8. Chocolate Tester

Best and Weirdest Jobs and Chocolate Tester

If Willie Wonka had really existed then he would have created this job. A 12 year old called Harry won a contest to taste a chocolate company’s new products. Just as long as he doesn’t run into that horrible Veruca Salt he can probably claim to have one of the world’s best jobs.

9. World of Warcraft Player

Best and Weirdest Jobs and World of Craft Player

So, you like playing World of Warcraft? If you are really good at it then you could get a job testing the game on behalf of Blizzard Entertainment. Just think; the already insignificant real world could slip even further into the background as you farm gold and lose yourself in a fantasy world every day. Beats going to the office, I guess.

10. Director of Fun

Best and Weirdest Jobs and Director of Fun

A young chap called Sam wrote to his local museum in York asking for the job as Director of Fun. He got it, which just goes to show that sometimes going for it and asking for your dream job is enough to make it happen. Not often, though.

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