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Even before birth, pregnant women become more eager to know their baby and this waiting period is full of emotion. In the third trimester, you feel slightly rounder than ever, you can barely move and you cannot find any activity to maintain your mental balance intact.

If you manage to look beyond worries and anxiety, you realize that in the weeks before birth can enjoy all sorts of memorable things and activities. For this reason, we have prepared a list of things you could do before the birth, so the time spent waiting is not a chore, but a real pleasure.

1. Write a letter to your baby

Many of the special things that you have experienced during pregnancy end up being forgotten. Why not make your child a wonderful gift and keep the memory of all those moments during pregnancy?

Your child will have a lot of fun reading the letter around the age of 10, reading the adventures regarding his birth, and you’ll relive the happy feelings when you had your baby in the womb. Write important memories (including bizarre dreams in which you saw a hamster giving birth), stick it in an envelope and write on it “To be opened in 2025”.

2. Eat all crave for

If you were careful with your dietary habits during pregnancy, good for you. But now, in the last trimester, you can indulge on that cheesy burger you have been craving for and this will not have a negative impact, neither on your baby, nor on your figure.

Give yourself a lazy Sunday, enjoying breakfast in bed, watching your favorite TV series, eating chocolate before lunch, playing a game of Scrabble with dad and curl up with a good book.

3. Implement fun activities with friends

Enjoy activities that entertain you, to fill your free time and keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts. Organize a night with the girls, talk about boys, do your nails, experiment with makeup. Just fun stuff.

4. Listen to your favorite music every day

Brace yourself, because you have at least two years ahead of you with songs about bunnies and rainbows, spiders and their webs, cats. You will miss your favorite band or favorite singer.

5. Listen to your impulses

If you want to read, sit comfortably in your chair and read. If you want to relax in the shower, abandons everything you are doing and make sure you satisfy your immediate needs. Do you want to stare at the flowers in the garden and daydream? Do it with no regrets. After birth, all the things you love doing, will require some time before you can actually make them real.

6. Take care of all those small things you won’t have time after birth

Clean the inside of the car, wash and style the dog, place your clothes in the closet for next season, ask a relative or hire someone to do your general housework for when you come back home. Take into account necessary repairs, carpet cleaning, furniture replacement etc.

7. Pamper yourself

Do your hair and get a manicure and pedicure and prepare for a professional photo shoot. Your beauty in this period is the most radiant. Keep alive these unique moments with a photo album made by a skilled photographer. You’ll feel sexier by admiring yourself in the photos.

No need to dress your partner’s old t-shirts. Even if you are pregnant, you need to feel sexy. There are lots of sets of underwear for pregnant women, with lace and attractive prints

8. Arm yourself with information

Install useful applications on smartphone related to baby care, buy yourself a good book about raising babies, watch educational documentaries and watch movies about pregnancy, birth and child care. This way, you not only keep your mind busy, but you find out useful information about being a good mother.

9. Make peace with your mother

She will be the person you can really count on, the person you will rely in the difficult first months after birth. Ask her out, praise her wonderful qualities as mother, do not argue and tell her that you appreciate her presence in your life. Strengthens the relationship with her now, because you will not have time and energy to do it after your baby arrives.

10. Go on a romantic getaway for two

Those moments when you and your partner are in intimate circumstances will be very rare, so enjoy privacy while you can. Get in the car, visit a tourist attraction near beautiful places, take pictures and remember how you met, so we really appreciate the joy you live every day. Tell him you love him and that you feel most fortunate to have him with you.