10 Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

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When you have a baby, every moment he is awake, you dedicate it to take care of him. This is why household duties fall on the background and you do not have the time to take care of yourself. The only hours that you are available during the day are when junior is sleeping. But they are so much to do, how do you organize your priorities? If you want to make the most of the time your baby spends sleeping, here are ten things you can do in the meantime.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

1. Rest as well

Experienced mothers know very well the saying that when the baby sleeps, you should sleep too. A little sleep during the day will give you the extra energy you need to care for your baby when he wakes up.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

2. Play with your other children

If you have other children who are awake when the baby sleeps, take advantage of this moment to spend time with them. Find a fun activity together and give them all your attention, so they do not feel neglected since the arrival of the new baby. Whether you read a book, play with puppets, make crafty stuff, do a puzzle or build a Lego fort, they will enjoy your presence. Even a half hour of exclusive attention will delight children so that they will not feel excluded when the baby wakes up.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

3. Catch up on your reading

It’s hard to make time for reading when children run around the house. In addition, if you want to sit down, kids will consider this an invitation to climb on your arms. So book yourself a reading break when the baby sleeps. A little time with your favorite book will help you be more calm and relaxed when your child wakes up.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

4. Start on dinner

Use the time when your baby is sleeping to start preparing for dinner. This can help you save time and energy, making it easier to cook alone, without having to share the kitchen with a child “eager to help”.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

5. Spoil yourself with a long bath

I’m not talking quick showers, of maximum of three minutes that you’ve gotten used to since your baby was born. Sit in the tub as long as you want and remember to use bath salts, essential oils and, eventually, listen to some relaxing music. If you want to have the entire shebang, light some scented candles and take a good book with you.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

6. Call a friend for coffee

A baby monopolizes all the attention, so it’s possible that at some point you start to crave a conversation with an adult. Sure, you will probably not return to the same intense social life that you had before becoming a mother, but that does not mean you cannot call a friend for coffee or tea as your little baby takes a nap. Besides the fact that it will be an important step in renewing old relationships, a conversation with an adult can be a positive change. Just don’t spend that time talking only about your baby.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

7. Spend time with your husband

Perhaps romance is the last thing that comes to mind when you take care of a small child, but if you want to have a long term successful relationship, you must make time for your husband. You can cultivate romance through a phone call or a naughty text, and thus you will have everything prepared for the night.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

8. Go on an online shopping spree

When is the last time you went shopping? For yourself, not for the baby? It’s still pretty hard to go out and spend hours trying clothes when you have a small child waiting for you, but with a good Internet connection, you can do this from the privacy of your own home. Take the time to study different websites, find the best offers and shop. Relaxation is just a click away.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

9. Exercise

Still haven’t made all those extra baby pounds disappear? When your baby is sleeping, this is the perfect time to do some exercise at home. Online, you can find a lot of exercise tutorials for new moms, that don’t take long and are suitable for your condition. You can choose yoga or pilates for a bit of relaxation included in your exercise routine.

Things to Do when Baby Is Sleeping

10. Watch a movie

Dying to go to the theatre? It’s not the time yet, but you can bring the theatre in your home. Choose a movie you’ve been wanting to see for a long time or catch up on your favorite TV series. Make sure you make yourself a big bowl of popcorn or a more healthy snack (like almonds, nuts and dried fruit) and relax on your comfortable couch.

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