the look

We all have favorite music bands. Bands that we grew up listening to and that somehow contributed to the development of our character or bands that we’re always discovering.  Nothing compared to the feeling of discovering new songs or new videos before the internet appeared. Back then we listened to cassettes and CDs and the music videos were shown on TV. Back then TV used to play quality music too. For some people their favorite band inspired them to start a band on their own. Here are some of the things we love about a band that make us listen to it, buy their album and go to their concerts.

10. The Music

the music

One of the first things we love about a band is their music, obviously. We usually choose our bands depending on the style they play, be it rock, pop, metal, punk or hip-hop. We resonate with the musicality or the more abstract melody in their songs. The music helps us transcend and reach deep emotional states of mind. Music helps us feel like no other forms of arts can.

9. The Lyrics

the lyrics

Bands usually have lyrics, unless it’s instrumental music. The quality of the lyrics is given by the poetic images and profound meanings that wait to be discovered and leave a deep impact on the fans. We love lyrics that tell stories, that are vivid and can be read on their own, like a piece of poetry, words that when sung with the right melody, they become magical.

8. The Band Members

the band members

Every quality band has at least one member that stands out from the others. That member is usually the lead singer. We just love a mysterious, charismatic, tortured lead singer. Usually lead singers write their own lyrics and we sometimes feel that we know them intimately because of their personal stories in their lyrics.

7. The Band Trivia

band triviA

One of the things we love about a band is the band trivia. We tend to look at rock stars like they are super-human beings and it always comes as a surprise when we find out that they went to high school, that they have a family, they have favorite foods and they like to spend their vacations on exotic islands.

6. The Album Covers

album cover

Just like the music and the lyrics, the album covers play an important role on why we love a band. It tells us that they really care about all the aspects of their artistic product and choose their album artwork to best represent the concepts behind the songs. A great album cover should stand on its own as a piece of art we can hang on or bedroom walls.

5. The Live Performance

the live performance

We’ve listened to our favorite albums thousands of times but when we see the band live, that’s when we’re really blown away. The live performance is one of the things we love about a band. The raw energy on stage and the way they play the songs can truly be an unforgettable experience.

4. Things We Love About A Band – The Music Videos

music video

Quality bands care about the visual aspect of their music. Some of them pay thousands of dollars on a single music video to make sure it will look exactly like they want it to. Some of these videos gain cult status and are watched by millions on Youtube.

3. The Inspiration


Another great thing about listening to bands is that you find out about other bands. You find out about the lead singer’s favorite musician or director, you look for it and realize you haves so much in common.

2. The Evolution

the evolution

Great musicians never release the same album twice. They always experiment with new sounds and succeed in transcending genres. Genres are boring. It’s music we listen to, not styles of music. Although some of the fans might be disappointed in a recent album of their favorite bands because it didn’t sound like the other 2, real fans understand.

1. The Band’s Look

the look

Even though the music and the lyrics are the most important things we love about a band, some of us really look up to the trends their favorite musician starts. We love bands that have a quirky way of dressing up on stage. We love eccentric musicians that amaze us with their outfits because it’s part of the show. You can’t have one without the other. Musicians can get away with anything: grungy clothes, designers clothes or glamorous. Sometimes all at once.

This was our list of things we love about a band. Do you agree? What do you love about your favorite musicians?