10 Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

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We all know that eyes are the window to the soul, but few care for them as they should. There are many things that can affect your eyesight and it is important to get rid of these bad habits if you want to have good eyes. When we were kids, mom told us not to stay to close to the TV because we will ruin our eyes. But that’s not all. Here are ten thing you that affect your eyes.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

1. Not wearing sunglasses

During sunny days, always wear a hat and sunglasses to protect you against ultraviolet rays. Exposure to them can affect the retina and increases the risk of developing cataracts. In addition, chances are you are going to deal with a skin cancer of the eyelids. More overexposure to UV can lead to burning of the cornea, which will cause pain, blurred vision and watery eyes.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

2. Exaggerating with eye drops

Maybe these drops make your eyes look better because the redness disappears, but the effect is short-lived. The drops have the effect of narrowing blood vessels, but the inflammation will return soon after.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

3. Treating dry eyes inappropriately

Many people are experiencing dryness of the eyes. But lubricants on the market are composed of preservatives, and their long-term use may result in irritation. A better solution, but also the most expensive, is to use artificial tears, if you have to moisten your eyes more than four times per day.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

4. Spending too much time in front of a monitor

Blinking helps to distribute the fluid in the eye. But when you’re glued to a computer screen, you blink less. It is recommended to blink 12-15 times per minute, so when you’re watching a monitor you do it less often. And when liquid evaporates, you have the feeling of sand in the eyes and you feel tired. The same phenomenon occurs when reading for a long period of time, written texts with small body. So be careful from time to time to raise your eyes from the monitor / book and look at an object at a great distance.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

5. Being careless with contact lenses

Use special solutions for their cleaning, n ever put in your mouth and wash them with water. In addition, many ophthalmologists recommend you take them off daily. Also, you should avoid wearing them in the shower, the tub, the pool or the sea. For your eyes to get enough oxygen, make sure you never sleep with your contact lenses. When ordering contact lenses, go to an ophthalmologist and only then buy them. Otherwise you risk getting an eye infections.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

6. Not removing eye makeup before bedtime

By doing so, you expose yourself to an infection of the eye. Therefore, it is important to remove makeup before going to bed.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

7. Not wearing goggles

You should not confine to wearing goggles when swimming. It is advisable to wear them when you fix something in the house and you need to protect your eyes from coming into contact with certain substances. Make sure you protect your eyes in these situations.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

8. Smoking

Smoking seriously harms the eyes. This practice increases the risk of developing cataracts because it interferes with the body’s ability to supply nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the eye properly.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

9. Not going to the eye doctor regularly

It is advisable to go to a specialist, especially if you have health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Untreated, diabetes can lead to blindness.

Things You Do that Affect Your Eyes

10. Ignoring symptoms

Do not assume that red eyes, increased sensitivity to light, pain or blurred vision will go away. All of them can indicate serious health problems and that is why you should not ignore them. Pay the eye doctor a visit for a quick eye examination.

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