kangoo boots

Have you ever heard about Kangoo Jumps? You must have seen those boots people use to workout with. When it comes to a new type of workout, people are usually skeptical. We all know how hard it is to maintain a regular exercise routine, eat right and how difficult is to see the results which sometime you have to wait too long for. Today, we are here to tell you that doing Kangoo Jumps can help you more than you think. Here are ten facts about Kangoo Jumps.

1. N.A.S.A. favorite

Jumping exercises are the most effective and useful exercises ever invented by man, said N.A.S.A. official and who are we to argue with them?

2. Low impact

It is already known that many cardio exercises, especially running, affect the joints through their impact. With Kangoo Jumps, in turn, the impact on the ankles, knees, hips and spine is reduced to 80%. No wonder that this type of sport is recommended including for the elderly or those in post-operative recovery

people kangoo running

3. Plenty of health and fitness benefits brought by Kangoo Jumps

Just to name a few:

Fat burning more pronounced (stimulates lymph nodes)

Tones the muscles of the entire body

Upgrades the physical condition

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Strengthens the spine and intervertebral discs

Helps to adopt a correct position of the spine

Mechanoreceptors and proprioception: balance and coordination

Stimulates bone reconstruction

Maximizes body muscle contraction due to positive and negative gravitational force.

4. Scientific studies over 13 years

There have been several scientific studies conducted over the past 13 years. Kangoo Jumps have been constantly improved by specialists in Switzerland. Studies, approvals and evidence can be viewed on the official Kangoo Jumps website.

5. Kangoo Boot Camp Program

Kangoo BootCamp is a rough, slightly military program, but the fun that takes place outdoors.

With this outdoor sport you work your entire body from head to toe, increasing strength and physical condition and helping you burn fat without the need for coordination present in aerobic or dance classes. The program includes running on different terrains, building endurance according to the latest generation of interval training. And this time the whole body is protected from impact with the ground.

6. Experts recommend Kangoo for patients with problems

  • injuries to the waist, knee or lower leg
  • injuries or back pain
  • rehabilitation after surgery
  • sports – related injuries
  • obesity, excess weight
  • lack of physical activity
  • symptoms related to cardiovascular problems
  • posture – related problems
  • weakened musculoskeletal system
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • lack of energy, even mild depression

7. Comfortable and easy to use … for everyone

Kangoo Jumps provides stability, the boots being easy to use. They can be used by patients from age 6 to 90, regardless of their health or physical condition. Kangoo Jumps lining of the boots is comfortable due to the shape that adapts to the shape of the foot.

8. It’s fun

Needless to say that jumping up and down, in synchronized moves, while listening to cool, energetic songs it’s lots of fun and even if you don’t want to lose weight, you can still try Kangoo as a great to have fun and meet some new people who might just have the same interests as you.

9. Become a Certified Instructor Kangoo

Great news: if you like Kangoo and you would like to practice it on a regular basis, there is a program that offers you to opportunity to become a certified instructor. “Following a successful examination participants receive their Certificate of International Kangoo Jumps Instructor, valid for 2 (two) years, issued by RDM Sarl together with FT Jumps Ltd., which gives participants the right and certification to work as a Kangoo Jumps instructor all over the world. International Kangoo Jumps instructors have to obligation to attend a reexamination every 2 (two) years organised by FT Jumps Ltd.”. Cool, right? Find out more information here.

10. A sport which doesn’t come cheap

If you attend Kangoo classes, your instructor will provide you with the boots. But if you want to have your own boots and workout on your own (jogging), you have to prepare to spend between 215 and 269 Euros for a pair of Kangoo boots for adults and between 159 and 169 Euros for kids’ boots. Not to mention the accessories you will have to replace from time to time.