Redecorating the house should not turn into an ordeal. A new image for your home can be achieved using simple interventions with minor costs and spectacular effects.

Put your imagination to work and give your living room a fresh new perspective with these easy ten tips we have prepared for you today.

1. Establish a point on interest in the room

It may be the fireplace, a painting, a corner shelf or a solid wooden table with antique look. This is the piece or place you should consider when redesigning your room. Everything is built around it and all the elements should enhance it and not draw attention from it.

2. It is advisable to place the sofa against a wall

But do not neglect the wall, do not leave it empty. Accessorize it with simple shelves, with framed photographs or paintings in harmony with the dominant hue of the room. Such a positioning of the sofa will create a sense of space, especially if you don’t have a very big living room. For more  tips you can take a look at these 51 splendid interior design ideas.

3. Integrate in the decor some lamps

This trick will enhance the romantic atmosphere. But do not forget to replace lampshades at a certain time, otherwise they will seem obsolete. You will be surprised how some simple sources of light places strategically can change the entire appearance of the room.

4. Change the color of the living room walls

It is so simple and the effects are so obvious. You can choose a complementary color compared to the curtains or choose the same color that is found in the upholstery of sofas. Plus it’s a fun project you can do by yourself with friends. If you pay attention, you will not even make that much mess.

5. Do not forget about plants

They provide freshness to any interior. For a special effect place them in vases with interesting shapes and colors. Even dried plants work just fine, if you put them in a white flask. If you are not the type to remember to water flowers in due time, male sure you choose plant that don’t need much watering, such as cactuses. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

6. Focus on accessories

In the accessories category integrate candles, pots, cushions, storage boxes or any other element that will go nicely in your living room. They can really change the appearance of the living room and you don’t even have to spend too much money. Since they are so cheap, you can change them all the time.

7. Highlighting the walls is not just made with painting.

If you want originality, paint something directly on the wall. A simple model for which you can find a pattern online. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can talk to a student attending art classes. Most probably he has some skills and he will be happy to get the job.

8. Every living room should have a mirror

The choice of size and shape should be done according to the size of the room. It is definitely a piece that will create the illusion of a bigger living room. Choose elaborate models, with carved frames, that can tie a room together. Plus it’s a great accessory for women.

9. Add a personal touch

For a personal touch, create areas of intense color: fabric, shawls, accessories, designs, all in vibrant contrast. Another great tip is to place a mannequin in the living room, not those in store windows, but those used by tailors, and dress it with your old wedding dress or vintage items you find in thrift stores.

10. Alternate carpets according to the season

This is probably the easiest trick in our list. During winter time, go for carpets with volume that are comfortable and cozy and during summer, choose natural fibers in bright colors. Carpets really bring a room together.

Some simple tips can help you transform your home. You just have to adjust them your lifestyle and space.

Are there any other tips and trick you use to refresh your living room without spending too much money? Make sure you share them with the rest of our readers by leaving a comment bellow.