Donald Trump is one of the richest and most influential businessmen in the world, but he’s not just about signing important contract, he also loves to teach young people how to succeed in life and career.

His style of teaching, simple and positive, makes him an excellent teacher, adored worldwide. When Donald Trump has a conference and give you tips on money and success, tickets sell months before. Because all we want “recipes” of happiness and fulfillment from a man who did things we only dream about.

So, here are ten most important tips about success that Donald Trump has applied both its growing his business and life.

1. Be strong, be passionate, be focused

Put all your energy and all your positive spirit in what you do every day. Never give up on something you started and which has chances of accomplishment. In order to keep your focus, you must work and imagine yourself where you will be in ten years.

2. If you have a mind of your own and dreams, then dream big

It is very easy to sit back and wait for life to happen, to just receive what others hand you and follow the course set by others. It will cost nothing to think about crazy dreams, to hope beyond the scope of the common wealth. From these big dreams, people extract their power and ambition. And if you think big, you will succeed in a big way.

3. Trust yourself, nobody else will have

If you repeatedly disregard yourself, if your parents have instilled that are not good for anything, if at school you were “put in the corner” and you continue to believe in this nonsense, then people around you will feel it and instinctively will not want to be around you . Go to a psychologist if necessary and repeat yourself every morning that you are the best. Behave accordingly!

4. Trust your instincts

Sometimes a business or your relationship may seem excellent in all respects, but something holds you back. If the feeling you get in your stomach is not a good one, if instincts push you to give up or delay, do it! The more you get to know people , the more you’ll learn and that your instincts will never mislead you.

5. When you’re on top, do not take a vacation, do not give up, do not get loot with arrogance and laziness

There are a lot of people behind you waiting to make the wrong step. Keep yourself active and energetic. Work even more. Only then you will succeed. If you have a good relationship with your partner, it does not mean you can’t make it better.

6. Live on the edge

Risk. Play dangerous. Assume all these actions. If you are and you stay in a comfort zone in life and career, nothing good is going to happen – it all becomes routine. You have to take risks and follow your dreams. If you are worried, get over it. Every day we should do something that we are afraid of.

7. Do not be fooled or trampled

When we were kids, we learned it is fair to turn the other cheek if someone offends us. But in life and in business, this can lead to a whole series of failures. If someone misbehaves or tries to rob you, adjusts accounts and do not forgive. Never!

8. Do not ever focus on “making money”

If you have a job or a business to earn money, then you will not succeed. It must spring from passion, the joy of doing that thing. Money will come when you least expect it. Passion is the most important.

9. Do not act in relationships and career as if you will lose everything

A well-balanced dose of optimism, arrogance and confidence will help you reach your goal. If you do not brag, nobody will do it for you. Those who keep their heads down are considered losers.

10. You will not always make good decisions or win

Problems always arise and you need to focus on solutions, not on their severity. Always learn from your mistakes, even if they are simple. Learn to know yourself better so you will not repeat them. Do not blame those around you, do not lie, do not hide mistakes. Be open, honest and positive. Be the first to offer solutions.