Tips for Your First Day on the Job

Most graduates have a shock when they first enter the labor market and discover that it is not what they expected. This is why we have devised ten useful tips to help you on your first day on the job.

1. Be realistic.

Most graduates are very idealistic about what their job will be like. They are expected to be received in the company with opened arms, to be allowed to solve the most important problems, to be creative and go home extremely satisfied with the work they performed. But this doesn’t happen. In the beginning, your first responsibilities will be very little interesting. So, do not imagine that you aae going to be changing the image of the company from day one.

2. Be organized

Your student life will no longer fit with the rigid working environment of a company. Back then, it was cute to have a messy desk, but not anymore. If you give the impression that you are messy and disorganized, your colleagues will think the same when your work. So do not give them the reason to believe that.

3. Emulate

On your first da, you will receive tasks that you have no idea how to solve. The secret is to see how everybody else is doing it. So, try to look among your colleagues for those whom you would like to be like, watch them, listen to them and do what they do.

4. Find your place

Up till now, you spent your time doing what you wanted, when you wanted, how you wanted. Now, you will be part of a team. Discover where you belong and how your job interacts with that of your colleagues. Put yourself in their place, not before letting ego aside.

5. Shut up and listen

You must learn to communicate with others in a very short time and the best way to do this is to listen to others. Just by listening to them you can create a connection with them. So maintain eye contact, approve and immediately concludes what was said.

6. Dare

When you are put in a new situation, you have the tendency to stay away, but the first day is not the best time to do so. Show that you have initiative. The secret is to be serviceable without being overbearing. When you do not trust yourself, you tend to hide this and increase your aggression. So be active, not aggressive.

7. Hurry

Time means money and bosses expect you to make money by working faster and better. Avoid interrupting the rhythm and do not get distracted. Get rid of the habit of most students: procrastination. So learn to master the art of making plans and prioritizing.

8. Stay calm

In school, it was natural to lose your temper. It was even expected of you to make a scene. But at work, you don’t have to play who’s toughest. Otherwise, you will give the impression of immaturity and unprofessionalism. You shouldn’t lose your temper on the first day of work. So learn to count to five, breathe deeply and take a break when you feel you need one.

9. Adapt

In college, you could choose your friends, but at work you cannot choose your colleges. And of course, you will not like all of them. Moreover, not all of them will like you. When you come across difficult people, the best thing is to avoid going into relationships with them. So, do not get caught in a competition with them.

10. Help yourself

You will definitely have a lot of troubles on the first day of work. It’s not like school where a teacher can clarify things. Now you’re on your own. If you get stuck, try to find the best solution and ask the permission or opinion of superiors. In both situations, they will appreciate that you are thinking about your work.

Do you remember the first day on the job? How was it like?