Top 10 Best Comedy Movies of All Time (1)

For all the movie fans out there, we have made, yet another top 10, this time for the best comedies of all time. From romantic comedies to parodies and funny adventures, there is something for everyone. We present to you, the most hilarious and unexpected comedy movies of all time. If these won’t make you laugh, we don’t know what will. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Good comedy, like good wine, can only become better in time. In Monty Python and the Holy Grail we learn about the life of Arthur, king of Camelot and his merry knights, among which are: Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelor, Silent Sir Bedevere and Sir Galahad the Pure. These brave and noble men are searching for the Holy Grail, but on their journey they meet a lot of peculiar people, they have funny encounters, and most of them die in extremely stupid ways. They also seem to be ridding invisible horses. In the end Sir Arthur and Bedevere reach the castle of „Arrrghhh” were the Holy Grail was hidden.

Preview: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  1. Borat ( 2006 )

 Nobody would have thought that Sacha Baron Cohen could have such a huge success on the big screen. This movie makes no sense, and it is basically about Borat’s life, but there is something mesmerizing about it. Borat, with his dumb smile and weird American accent has managed to fascinate the world. At the same time he shows us another side of the world, a poor community which is always struggling.

Preview: Borat

  1. Airplane!

We believe that this movie is one of the best comedies ever made. It has approximately three jokes per minute, and every character in the movie symbolizes a human trait or flaw. The directors tested it on some college students, and after presenting it they cut out all the parts which didn’t generate tears of laughter.

Preview: Airplane!

7. The Ugly Truth

The problem with most comedies nowadays, is that although they have some really funny lines, they are boring the rest of the time. The Ugly Truth is unlike any other comedy produced in the last few years, simply because it is funny from beginning to end, and the actors are delicious. We have the beguiling Katherine Heigl and extremely charismatic Gerard Butler in the leading roles. What is even more awesome about this movie, is that it doesn’t make use of improbable situations, but of normal, everyday life issues, which are twisted in a funny way. We congratulate the director for the interesting plot line, but we should especially thank the actors for their exceptional performance.

Preview: The Ugly Truth

  1. Shaun of The Dead (2004)

The movie is obviously, about a guy named Shawn. He seems to be having a bad day, and he decides to change his life, get back together with his girlfriend and solve all his problems. But the universe didn’t agree with his plans, and thus the Zombie Apocalypse begun. This was the perfect chance for Shawn to show his girlfriend how great he is by saving the community, as long as he survived.

Preview: Shawn of the Dead

5. Ace Ventura – Pet Detective (1994)

I think that this movie is pure genius. We already know that Jim Carrey is a master comedian, and he has had a lot of memorable roles, but this movie is the godfather of all Jim Carrey comedies. He makes you want to laugh just by looking at him, and some of the scenes will make you roll over with laughter.

Preview: Ace Ventura

4. The Big Lebowski

Jeffrey Lebowski is your typical lazy man, who lives a boring yet quiet and satisfying life. One day, some gangsters break into his house and pee on his carpet, and his life was never the same. The problem was that he was confused with the mob boss and millionar Jeffrey Lebowski. Although he initially asks compensation from the gangster, he ends up working for him. There are a lot of funny twists to this story, and we recommend you watch it.

3. The Jerk ( 1979 )

Top 10 Best Comedy Movies of All Time (6)Steve Martin made his debut in what is without a doubt one of the best comedy movies of all time. There is a very sensible side to this movie, because the main character is an extremely unlucky and clumsy individual. He tries hard to make it in life, but he always ends up in uncomfortable situations. He finally gets a little lucky when an unexpected invention transforms him in a very wealthy man.

Preview: The Jerk Trailer

2. Annie Hall ( 1977  )

 When you say Woodie Allen, you immediately think about the romantic comedy, Annie Hall. This movie is so good that it won The Best Movie Award, The best Director Award, The best Script Award and The Best Actress in a Leading Role award. This movie has won the heart of many people.

  1. Office Space

At the beginning, the movie shows us the miserable and stressing life of a desk employee called Peter Gibbons. Among the many problems in his life, he finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Nothing surprising yet. Peter finally decides to visit a therapist who hypnotizes him and he becomes very happy, all the time. As luck has it, the therapist dies, and he remains with the illusion of happiness. In the end his life changes. This is not only an extremely funny movie, but also an interesting approach on life.

Preview: Office Space