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Curious about fidget spinners? Look no further! We have discovered and evaluated the best fidget spinners on the market to help those of you looking to buy. As you know, fidget spinners have become a popular gadget for children and adults alike. They can be used to relieve stress and improve focus. We have carefully found the top 10 fidget spinners on the market and have reviewed each one using a strict criterion.

Comparison Table

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Fidget spinners have become increasingly popular over the years, resulting in communities of people who collect them and even those who use their fidget spinners to perform tricks. 

Narrowing down the top 10 fidget spinners out there is no easy task. Luckily, we did all the work for you. Check out all the information below! All the fidget spinners that made our cut are available to purchase on Amazon.

Regardless of what you're looking for in a fidget spinner, one of the top 10 fidget spinners is sure to meet your specific needs.

How We Reviewed

We tracked down the top 10 fidget spinners out there and took into account a variety of factors that make them the best. Using an unbiased system, we ranked all the fidget spinners we found.

We took into account the price, the durability, ease of purchase, customer reviews, design, and other important factors that come into play while using a fidget spinner.

We also considered the quality of the materials used to make them, the length of the spin, the comfort of the user, and the overall appearance of each fidget spinner. Much time and effort went into narrowing down the best of the best.

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Overall Price  Range

One of the greatest things about the 10 best fidget spinners on the market is how affordable they are. The higher-priced options may be made using higher-quality materials.

Storage cases and additional pieces may also come with higher-priced options. However, every product that made our list of the top 10 best fidget spinners are great quality!

Top 10 Fidget Spinners

Helium K Lighted LED Fidget Spinner

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Our first choice in the list of top 10 best fidget spinners is this Helium K Lighted LED Fidget spinner.

The shape and size are standard, but when one of the balancers are pressed, the 3 LED lights located on those balancers light up and cycle through 5 different eye-pleasing patterns that are highly appealing to children.

This fidget spinner has a great look to it and also comes with a great, triangular carrying case and an extra battery. It's quite durable and is made with exceptional materials.

Zekpro The Official Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner

[amazon box=”B07289VWRY”]


The Zekpro official anti-anxiety 360 spinner is one of the best choices out there for those who suffer from anxiety and are looking for a great means of distraction.

Both children and adults love this model because it's so mobile. With smooth, rounded edges, this fidget spinner is easy to handle. It's also incredibly comfortable!

This fidget spinner is made with premium ceramic bearings that make it durable, even when the user is spinning at high speeds.

With the design, the user can spin this fidget spinner both in their hands on a flat surface. This pick for the top 10 best fidget spinners has the lowest price!

Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series

[amazon box=”B071CLX241″]


Users love this fidget spinner because it's made with lubricating oil that allows it to not only spin at faster speeds but also reduces the potential for any issues with the bearings.

It's also unique because it comes with two different bearings that can be swapped out. One is formulated to make this model very therapeutic for the user while the other is an enhanced "performance" bearing.

Whether you're interested in longer, quiet spins or shorter, louder spins, this model will not disappoint. It also has a very sleek appearance.

MAYBO SPORTS Wiitin Harry Potter Fidget Hand Spinner

[amazon box=”B075WXSN9C”]


Fans of Harry Potter will adore this highly unique fidget spinner with a design inspired by the coveted golden snitch depicted in the Harry Potter movies. The duration of a single spin can last up to one minute.

This spinner is nearly silent and made with a metal alloy body and stainless steel bearings which contribute to its durability.

If you're looking for something a bit different from the standard design while still having the same benefits, this is an excellent choice!

MAGTIMES Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

[amazon box=”B072LNQBZT”]


This fidget spinner is aesthetically pleasing with its glossy, rainbow finish that is great looking even when it's not spinning.

This model is created using stainless steel, making it highly durable and likely to be in your fidget spinner arsenal for a long time.

Users also love the included clear-topped tin for storage. The colors in motion are very calming to the user.

Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

[amazon box=”B0774RJFC6″]


This fidget spinner has a unique shape with two pivot points as opposed to the standard one. This allows the center of gravity to change constantly when spinning and requires more user concentration.

The increased concentration required by this fidget spinner makes it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from anxiety, as it is more a distraction than a mindless activity to keep your hands busy.

It spins quietly and smoothly and is a wonderful choice for those looking to change up the entertainment value of a traditional fidget spinner.

The Rocket - Fidget Spinner

[amazon box=”B071SBH381″]


This fidget spinner has a great design with a lovely gold finish. It's great for high-velocity spinning because of its premium bearings. Users love how quiet the spin is on this model, along with the long spin time.

Created with a premium metal alloy, it's durable and long-lasting. There is even a money-back guarantee with this highly rated model!

ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy

[amazon box=”B0719DGSXF”]


This fidget spinner is a favorite because of its average spin time, which is anywhere between 4 and 10 minutes.

It's easy to carry with you anywhere you go, is made with excellent stainless steel bearings, and has a beautiful finish. It spins quietly and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Antzy Top: The Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner

[amazon box=”B076MDVYFL”]


This high-quality fidget spinner is the product of a crowd-funded campaign that speaks for the quality and need for this fidget spinner.

It's made with high-grade stainless steel, contributing greatly to its durability. With an average spin time of 3 to 5 minutes, this fidget spinner will build focus and relieve stress. It also comes with a sleek, tin package for storage.

It's highly rated by users. The Antzy Top stainless steel fidget spinner is the heaviest fidget spinner that made our top 10 list. Users love the feel of the weight in their hands and the smooth spins.

Product FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the top 10 fidget spinners.


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What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget spinners are used as therapeutic tools for both children and adults. They were first designed with the intention of helping children diagnosed with ADHD channel their nervous energy.

Evidence supports that fidget spinners also have a stress-relieving component similar to a stress ball. Since the release of fidget spinners, they have received a lot of positive reviews.

There are communities that enjoy collecting them and even doing "tricks" with the devices. Since they are inexpensive, many people purchase more than one.

What are Fidget Spinners Used For?

Fidget spinners have been said to help with certain ailments suffered by adults and children alike. Although their main use was for children suffering from ADHD, people have found other effective uses for fidget spinners.

These nifty little gadgets have been used to help people kick certain bad habits such as smoking, nail-biting, and perpetual fidgeting.

Besides helping curb bad habits, fidget spinners have also been used to aid those suffering from autism, ADD, and anxiety disorders. There is a clear link between stress relief and the use of a fidget spinner.

Are they Expensive?

No. One of the greatest things about fidget spinners is how affordable they are.


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What Are the Major Differences Between Different Models of Fidget Spinners

The materials used to make fidget spinners are the most prominent differences between them. They also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit any preference.

The materials used to make fidget spinners vary. They can be made from wood, plastic, metal or any combination of those materials.

Some of the top 10 fidget spinners also come with cases and additional pieces for replacement or preference. While all serve the same purpose, designs range from traditional to unique.

Are the Top 10 Fidget Spinners Available Online?

Yes. Every choice in our list of the top 10 fidget spinners is available for purchase on Amazon.

The Verdict

No matter what you're looking for in a fidget spinner, you can find it in one of our top 10 best fidget spinners. If you're a beginner, it would be advisable to use a standard model until you get a good feel for it.

Go for Maybo Sports Harry Potter Fidget Hand Spinner or the Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner if you're in the market for a less traditional design. A good choice for a great, standard design would be the Magtimes Rainbow Anit-Anxiety Fidget Spinner.

 person using black fidget spinner

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However, any of the top 10 fidget spinner choices will significantly aid any user who is suffering from focus issues, ADHD, anxiety issues or who wish to kick a bad habit.

As with anything else, experimenting with different models will help you narrow down which specs are most important to you. Any of the top 10 fidget spinners we've mentioned and reviewed in this article will be great for both children and adults.

Make your choice depending on which features are most appealing to you, which design you most favor, and which one best fits into your current budget.

Take the weight of the fidget spinners into consideration as this is a preference that varies amongst users. Some enjoy a lighter model while others enjoy a heavier fidget spinner. For children, it's probably best to start with a lighter model.

We'd like to wish you good luck on your hunt for the perfect fidget spinner, but you won't need luck after reading this article!

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