Russian Blue - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

What do you call a person willing to spend copious amounts of money on the acquisition of a cat? Is it an extreme cat lover or someone who enjoys living a life of luxury so much that even their pets are expensive works of art? I’d say it’s a balance of both. After all, you wouldn’t invest so much in something you don’t really enjoy, right? Cats aren’t incredibly high maintenance, if only for the fact that you needn’t worry about taking them out for walks or about their hygiene. However, the simple purchase of one of these Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds On Earth can equal the maintenance of about a thousand cats.

1. The Ashera

Ashera - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

This fascinating looking feline has the appearance of something pulled straight out of the pages of a history book about royalty. Prices for an Ashera covered in the patterns of a snow leopard can reach up to $125.000, with the average Ashera being sold for no less than $28.000. Contrary to what you might believe, the high price of this feline is a result of its beauty, not of its pureblood nature. This is because the Ashera isn’t a pureblood, being a hybrid Savannah cat, mixed with the genes of the Asian leopard cat and the African serval. Only five Ashera cats are bred and sold every year.

2. The Savannah

Savannah - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The Savannah cat is a hybrid resulted from the breeding of a domestic house cat and the African serval. It’s a gorgeous, exotic looking cat, with a slim and elegant body, and fur patterns that strongly resemble those of their wild ancestors. First generation Savannahs are extremely sought after, being sold for as much as $22.000. However, their prices go down the further from the first generation they go. In some countries, owning a Savannah as a house pet is forbidden, with Australia being a primary example.

3. The Bengal

Bengal - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Bengals are a fairly common breed, with roughly 66,000 specimens being found all over the globe. They’re the result of a crossing between a house cat and the Asian leopard cat. These felines mix the beautiful coat patterns of the ALC with the meek temperament of a domesticated cat. Keep in mind, though, that it’s necessary for at least three generations to pass before a Bengal’s temperament can be called “domesticated.”

4. The Sphynx

Sphynx - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

This is a type of cat that’s known for splitting people into two teams– some love it, some hate it. Regardless of the general public opinion, it’s no secret that it’s quite a pricey specimen, being sold for as much as $3.000. The Sphynx first appeared in 1966 Canada and it became a breed sought after for its chamois-like skin and loyal nature. These cats are very active and often needy, but you’ll forget all about that when it’s cuddling up against you to warm up.

5. The Peterbald

Peterbald - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

A breed that strongly resembles the Sphynx, it originated in Russia and grabbed everyone’s attention with its striking blue eyes. This elegant looking feline has some interesting particularities, such as its large ears and the oval paws, which make it able to hold objects or even open doors. A Peterbald specimen can be sold for as much as $3.000, but it’s worth all the money. These cats are affectionate and loyal, being well known for their tendency to follow their owners like a second shadow.

6. The Persian

Persian - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The Persian breed is one of the most popular in the world, often being a common choice for households everywhere despite the fact their price never drops below $500. They have long, beautiful, white hair, their fluffiness making them ideal cuddling partners. Persians are also good looking enough to make them first casting choices in many movies. Take Stuart Little’s feline friend, for example.

7. The Russian Blue

Russian Blue - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Few breeds are as adaptable and social as the Russian Blue. A cat breed with a trademark appearance, they have double-layered fur coats and mesmerizing yellow eyes. Aside from their domestic temperament and beauty, they’re also incredibly intelligent, making them a perfect choice for those who wish to teach their cat some tricks. Given how it’s pretty much the whole package, there’s no wonder that the price for a Russian Blue never sinks below $550, sometimes even reaching $3.000.

8. The Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

They’re arguably the breed with the cutest kittens in the world. The trademark flopped ears of a Scottish Fold only kick in about three weeks after its birth. They adapt quickly to new environments, enjoy playing fetch, and are known for their tendency to develop a bond with one person of choice from the household. The price range for a Scottish Fold specimen is between $350 and $3.000.

9. The British Shorthair

British Shorthair - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

These cats are a common presence at various cat shows, thanks to their trademark round face and their beautiful, varied fur coat. British Shorthairs come in various colors, their lack of a double layered coat making them easier to groom than most other breeds. They’re an ideal pet choice for those who would like a cat that likes to keep to itself and that doesn’t necessarily enjoy causing mayhem all around the house. Prices for a specimen can reach up to $1.500.

10. The Ragdoll

Ragdoll - Most Expensive Cat Breeds

This breed definitely brings out the “doll” in “Ragdoll.” They’re extremely good looking cats, something ensured by their fluffy fur and the piercing blue color of their eyes. Ragdolls come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, white, and different mixes between these shades. Arguably, the most popular specimen is the white one. The average price range for a Ragdoll exemplar is around $800 – $1.000.

What did you think of these cat breeds? They’re definitely spectacular, but it makes a question arise. Let’s say you had all the money in the world (or at least an average salary that easily surpasses the price annexed to the cat on the first spot) – would you invest in one of these breeds? I can honestly say that I probably would, even if I’m more of a dog person myself. I don’t think I’d be able to afford one, though. After all, these were the Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds On Earth.

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