Hollywood is known for being overloaded with beautiful people. It has been so from its beginnings. If you’re a woman and you like old films, than this “Top 10 Most Handsome Men in classic movies” is made for you. However, you might find this list interesting even if you’re not keen on classics, because handsome men remain handsome men, even though their years of glory are gone since long. Moreover, if you’re a man, than you may enjoy a list of great actors of the last century-because the actors I selected were not only good looking, but talented as well. Whatever the reason of your reading this list might be, I hope you enjoy it!

1. Clark Gable (1901-1960)


Clark Gable is one of the most famous male actors of all time, both for his acting and for his looks. Apparently, he was not always seen as handsome guy, not by the other men, at least. In 1931, before becoming a star, Warner Bros’ executive declared that:  “His ears are too big and he looks like an ape”, when testing him for a movie. However, after playing some minor roles, he started to receive letters from admirers, which proved that ladies did not agree with the executive’s opinion. We know him best as Rhett Butler, the main male character of the movie “Gone with the Wind”, which is still popular even though more than 70 years have passed since its release. This is what I call success! Rhett Butler’s’ last line, „frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”, is one of the most famous lines in the history of Hollywood. Impressive or what?!

2. Gene Kelly (1912-1996)

gene kelly

Gene Kelly was one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, yes, but he was other things as well: a passionate dancer, a charming actor and a talented singer, as well as a producer and a film director. You know him most probably from 2 great classical movies, “Singin’ in the Rain” and “An American in Paris”, 2 musical films of the 50s that made history. However, soon after the release of these two works of art, the musical film industry started its decline and Gene Kelly’s talents as a dancer and a singer were not needed anymore. He focused on producing and directing instead.

3. John Wayne (1907-1979)

john wayne

Considered one of Hollywood’s most handsome men, Jon Wayne was also an American symbol of rugged masculinity. He was also known for his beautiful voce, unique walk and impressive height. He was the star of numerous movies, among which: “The man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, “Sands of Iwo Jima”, “True Grit” or “The Searchers”. In 1964, after years of having heavily smoked, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and his entire lung and four ribbons had to be removed. However, he did not give up this custom, continuing to chew tobacco and smoke 6 packs of cigarettes per day.

4. Cary Grant (1904-1986)

cary grant

He is known for his charming English accent, for his “dashing good looks” and for the role he played in the classic Hollywood cinematography. The American Film Institute named him the “Second Greatest Male Star of All time”, after Humphrey Bogart. If you’re a classic movies amateur, than you must have seen him playing in: “Bringing up Baby”, “The Philadelphia Story”, “Notorious”, “To Catch a Thief” and many others.

5. Errol Flynn (1909-1959)


The Australian actor Errol Flynn had a particular style and played mostly in romantic movies. He became famous in an instant, after playing the role of Captain Blood, in the movie with the same name.  He then played in numerous movies, such as: “The adventures of Robin Hood” and The Sea Hawk”, in which he proved himself a skilful swordsman. A reputed womaniser, Errol Flynn was accused of statutory rape in 1942. However, he was cleaned of all charges and the incident only increased his reputation of a true Don Juan.

6. Montgomery Clift (1929-1966)


He was one of the first “bad boys of Hollywood”, being renowned for his consumption of drinks and prescription drugs and for his moody character.  Montgomery Clift is seen as one of the most important actors of the Old Hollywood after having played in such movies as “A Place in the Sun”, “From here to Eternity or “Terminally Station”. After suffering a serious car accident, he entered a phase which was called “the longest suicide in the history of Hollywood”, because of his addiction. By 1961, he had become a shadow of the man he used to be, not even able to remember short lines.

7. Charlton Heston (1923-2008)


Charlton Heston was not only one of the most handsome men in the cinematography of the last century, but he is also renowned for having played in great movies, such as “El Cid”, “Ben Hur” The Ten Commandments”, or “Planet of the Apes” which made him  popular all over the world. A great person as well, he was often heard speaking against racism and was a great supporter of Civil Rights Movement”.

8. Paul Newman (1925-2008)

 handsome newman

Paul Newman is worldwide famous. You probably heard of him even if you never watched a single classic movie in your life. An undeniably handsome guy, a great actor, as well as a film director, an entrepreneur, humanitarian and professional racing driver, he truly had an accomplished life. As an actor, he played in acclaimed movies, such as: “Exodus” “The Colour of Money”, “The Verdict”,  “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and so many others…For his performance, he received numerous awards. Paul Newman officially retired from acting at a venerable age, in 2007. He was married to his second wife for 50 years, until one of the long-lasting relationships that so rarely happen in Hollywood.

9. Tony Curtis (1925-2010)

tony curtis

Tony Curtis was first selected in movies for his good looks. However, soon after he proved that he was gifted with great talent as well, and started to be looked at as a “fine dramatic actor”. While his career lasted more than 6 decades, he was truly famous in the 50s and in the 60s, when he played in some major movies: “Sweet Smell of Success”,” Defiant Ones” and “Some Like it Hot”, as well as in “The Boston Strangler”, his last important movie.  One detail you might be interested in is that he fathered actresses Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis.

10. Gregory Peck (1916-2003)

Gregory Peck is beyond doubt one of the most handsome men of the old Hollywood. He was successful as an actor from his first movie, and the first 5 years of acting brought him 4 Oscar nominations as “Best Actor”, for the movies: “The Keys of the Kingdom”, “the Yearling”, “Gentleman’s Agreement” and “Twelve O’Clock High”. He also won an Oscar for the best actor, in the movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.

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