Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

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There are 3 things we consider before buying a dog: it has to be cute, perceptive and loving. Dogs are among the most intelligent and intuitive animals on the planet. But what exactly do we refer to when we say that a dog is intelligent? When we say „this dog is smart!” we usually refer to its ability to learn new things, solve problems and execute commands. While some dogs are considered „gifted” because they can be easily be trained, others demonstrate their intelligence in unique ways. Let’s take a look at the most intelligent dog breeds: 

  1. Rottweilers

Rottweilers are extremely obedient  and they can be used in many fields. At first the breed was used as a watch dog for sheep, but it soon became the most popular guard dog. The fact that they are used for police business is reason enough to consider them intelligent. With the proper training Rottweilers can become excellent companions and career dogs. 


  1. Pudel

From medieval times, the Pudel has been one of the most cherished dog breeds, because it is considered a sign of opulence and sophistication. The Pudel is usually associated with France, although in the past it could be found in many royal courts all over Europe. It is beautiful, very smart, active, playful and loyal. Among other things it can be kept in an apartment due to its small size.


  1. Papillon

Papilons are very small and agile dogs, and they are the perfect pet if you live in an apartment. It is the most accurate example of „strong essences are kept in small bottles”. The name „papillon” means butterfly, and it was inspired by its funny looking ears. These adorable little things are extremely loving and tender, and a favorite of the royal houses. They are very receptive to commands, and extremely intelligent, although they might not look like much.

  1. Labrador

Labradors are very loyal and devoted to their families. They have a lot of qualities, but probably the most important two are patience and intelligence. Also, Labradors are playful and protective, it is easy to train them, and they are the best choice for helping people with disabilities, like blind people. They are also used by the police.

  1. Collie

When we think of Collie, we think of Lassie. The image of Lassie in the movie couldn’t have been more acurate, because Collies are loving, and protective dogs, capable of great things. At first they were used by farmers to take care of their herds, and they have a lot of energy. This means that the Collie needs a lot of space to play, and an active partner to do it with. 

  1. Golden Retriever

They may not look like the smartest dogs on the planet, but they are actually extremely capable. They are friendly, tender and full of life, and this makes them one of the best possible choices for a pet. This „sportive” large breed was initially used for bird hunting, and it has recently become known as a pet. It can be easily trained and it has a sensible nature.

  1. The Husky

The Husky is a noble and friendly breed. Although it is considered a „working dog” it has a different type of intelligence which makes it remarkable. It isn’t the kind of dog which can protect or investigate, because it does not have a suspicious nature. However, it is independent and pensive. These are excellent qualities, because in the wild it will probably have to make decisions on its own. The mature husky has a reserved attitude and an energetic character. It is always eager to play or work, and this makes it the perfect pet.

  1. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are mainly working dogs, and of all the dog breeds it is without a doubt the most capable. Not only is it powerful and reliable, but it is also incredibly intelligent and intuitive, and this is why it is very appreciated in the army, police and rescue teams. They are very fast to solve a task, tenacious, and set on accomplishing their duties. Loyalty, devotion and diligence put it at the very top of the canine elite.

  1. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dogs were initially raised to mind the cattle, which makes them organized, able and smart. They can be educated to accomplish almost any kind of activity. Independent and loyal, the Australian Dog is an inspired choice, because it will create a strong bond with the family members which he will protect fiercely. 

  1. Doberman Pinscher

Although it is feared by man due to its fierce appearance, the Doberman is actually an intelligent dog which can undertake many tasks like security and protection, work on the police force, search operations and therapies for sick people. 


Some dogs are so smart that they can even manipulate their owners, but most of the times they simply show us how awesome they are. They sense when we are sick or in danger, and they always act accordingly. They can make the difference between friend and foe with one simple sniff. If you are planning on buying one of the dogs mentioned above, you should know that the smarter the dog is, the more activity it will need. If you cannot satisfy its needs, you should settle for a quieter breed.

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  1.' Vlad Iorga says:

    First of all, I for one don’t think that the ability to teach a dog a task makes it intelligent. A small to big amount of teachable skills and tricks to have a big importance, but another aspect is vital: the ability of having original thought. Being a cat owner I am more appreciative of watching how a cat can adapt herself at any given situation, demonstrating resilience and inventiveness in the face of a challenge provided by the environment. All the while your article talks about Dobermans at the very end and I think they deserve a lot more credit than that. You yourself say that some members of this breed have the ability to even manipulate humans if they need it. I think that ability in itself puts them on a whole different level than any hard-working individual of more liked breeds, like Labradors, Huskies or Collies.

  2.' Triny says:

    Hello Vlad Iorga,
    I really appreciate your comment. As I say at the beginning of many of my articles ( but apparently omitted in this one ), I don’t write the “absolute” top tens, but rather I try to present 10 notable candidates for the first positions, the fact that I put the doberman last is also because it is not my personal favorite dog. As far as intelligence is concerned, first of all, I don’t believe we can measure the intelligence of dog breeds well enough to create the absolute top 10, because every dog is different, much like people. Some protect, some are independent, and some can manipulate. I also believe that a sign of intelligence is how fast and how well they can learn commands, in my opinion this means that they can understand us, and they also have the ability to respond. I actually like cats more than dogs, as house pets, of course, because they have a great personality, but I’ve never seen a cat used on a rescue team or in the police force. Furthermore, cats are very different from dogs, they can speculate, they can adapt, it’s in their feline nature, but dogs are more protective and loyal. I don’t think the two species can be compared.
    I also said in the beginning that “While some dogs are considered „gifted” because they can be easily be trained, others demonstrate their intelligence in unique ways” , so yes, original thought is very important, but these unique thoughts, in my opinion, manifest themselves differently from dog to dog.

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