It goes without saying; Germany is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. With hundreds of breathtaking sceneries and marvelous structures, you just can’t help but stand in awe. But then again, it’s easy to get lost without a proper guide. You don’t want to aimlessly wander all around the country, do you? No worries, here’s a list of the top places to visit when you’re in the country.

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2. The Romantic Road is a spectacular place to visit if you’re with someone you love. It’s a 350 kilometer road that goes through the calming scenery of the countryside and picturesque villages. On top of that, you’ll get to see cathedrals, castles, and historic youth hostels.

3. Castles are beautiful man-made architectures and it’s such a rarity; only a few still stand. If you want to see one, the Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the grandest structures built in the 19th century.

4. The Berlin Wall is a historic place in Germany. It’s a remnant of the war from years past. It has withstood the ravages of time; you can just imagine how much blood was shed over this very wall.

5. If you want to have an adventure, journey to the depths of the Black Forest deep within the southwest corner of Germany where you can enjoy nature’s most beautiful gifts to man.

6. Brandenburg Gate serves as the national symbol for Germany. It’s the symbol of peace, crowned with the Winged Goddess of Victory.

7. The Cathedral of Cologne is another beautiful architecture that took around 600 years to finish. During World War II, the Cathedral of Cologne endured countless bombings that leveled the city. Others say it was divine intervention that saved the cathedral; others say that it was a point of orientation for the pilots.

8. The Dresden Frauenkirche is another historical landmark in Germany. It was put down during the events of World War II and was painstakingly reconstructed after 40 years of being left untouched.

9. If you plan to visit Germany during Christmas, then Nuremberg is the perfect place to go to. The city is great all throughout the year, but at the start of November, the whole place turns into one magical winter wonderland.

10. The city of Frankfurt is a majestic place to visit if you’re in the place for cultural wonders and other historical landmarks.