Serial killers are ones of the most despicable sorts of human beings and unfortunately, the world will never get rid of them completely. Mentally disturbed persons, who find joy or sexual arousal while torturing and slaughtering those who are weaker  will always live side by side with us, sometimes hidden for years, sometimes even never brought to justice. These are 10 of the most vicious serial killers  of all time, who were fortunately punished for their crimes:

1. Pedro Alonzo Lopez

pedro alonzo lopeZ

This vicious man killed more than 300 women in Peru, before being caught. Unfortunately, these women were belonging to local tribes and were of no importance for the authorities who let him go. It was only after continuing his series of killings in Ecuador, and after the discovery of the place where he had buried his victims that the murderer received his well deserved punishment.

2. Javed Iqbal

javed iqbal

Javed Iqbal, a serial killer from Pakistan, admitted having killed 100 boys in one year and a half. Apparently, he raped the children before strangling them and sinking them in hydrochloride acid. He had no regret or remorse but he wrote a confessional letter to the police, stating that he could have killed many more, without anyone noticing it, if he had wanted to. Subsequently to his declaration of guilt, he was trialed and condemned to death by hanging. However, Gonzales killed himself before the execution.

3. Elizabeth Batory

elizabeth bathory

This is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Facts and legend are mixing together in order to create a horror story that made the subject of a movie. The bloody countess of the 16th century is said to have killed hundreds of young girls, though less than 100 is what history acknowledges. She was obsessed with remaining young and she believed that the blood of these girls could keep her beautiful forever. Her deeds were finally discovered, but she was never trailed, because of her high status. The countess was however obliged to remain in her castle for the rest of her life.

4. Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer

gary ridgeway

Gary Ridgway was a mentally disturbed guy (as most serial killers must have been) who had both an obsession for prostitutes and for religion. The conflict between these two passions of his, as well as the reminiscence of an abused childhood, may have contributed to the killing of more than 70 prostitutes, after having sex with them. Ridgway was condemned for the murder of 42 of these women.

5. Ted Bundy

ted bundy

This is probably the most famous of the serial killers I included on this list.  His many crimes (of which only 30 were officially admitted) included the raping and slaughtering of the victims. Ted Bundy was born with the killing instinct and signs of his later inhuman behavior could have been spotted since childhood. His known murders began when he was in college, but he may have killed before as well. Ted Bundy was executed on the electrical chair in 1989 at 43 years old.

6. Henry Lee Lucas

henry lee lucas

Henry Lee Lucas is one of the most controversial serial killers in history, as the number of his victims remains vague and varies a lot. He changed his testimony many times, sometimes admitting and other times denying having committed one crime or another. While he confessed as many as 3,000 crimes, it was admitted that he may have committed more than 100 murders, but was only convicted for 11. Him and his partner in crimes, Ottis Toole were sentenced to life prison in 1998.

7. Andrei Chikatilo

7. andrei chikatilo

This Russian murder was executed in 1994 for having killed 52 young women and children, in an extremely violent manner. Apparently, his impulse to slaughter young ones came from a troubled childhood doubled by impotence. He could only achieve sexual satisfaction through these killings and after a while, he stopped trying to resist this disgusting need of his, and began planning his killings.

8. Bruno Ludke

8.Bruno Ludke

Bruno Ludke was a German man who chose the wrong country to commit murders in. Apparently, he had killed around 85 women at the time of his arrest. In order to escape prison and a possible execution, he claimed to be mentally sick. This was not a wise decision, considering that these events took place during the World War II, in Germany. He was the perfect target of many awful experimental treatments that included torture. Later, he was killed so that a new lethal injection to be tested.

9. Michael Swango


This is one of the most prolific serial killers in America, having been linked to 60 crimes. He seemingly felt great pleasure while poisoning his patients and his co-workers, which he did for several years, while moving from one hospital to another and skillfully covering his trances and hiding his past.

10. Luis Garavito


“La Bestia” was an appropriated name for a human being capable of killing, raping and dismembering small boys. After being caught, a number of 300 victims were mentioned, but only 138 could be proved. Unfortunately, in Colombia, where the incident took place, the maximum penalty is of 30 years, and the serial killer may also receive a reduction for good behavior. The public opinion is shocked and annoyed with this decision.

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