Intrepid travelers are always searching for a new and interesting destination, and in this world of endless beauty, there is always something to find. Some places are so beautiful and special, that they shouldn’t be presented as a whole ( as part of a country or city ), but rather in smaller pieces, with no other limits than imaginary ones. This places are indeed unique, and you probably have never heard of most of them. Here is our top 10 Travel Destinations of 2013:

  1. Mustang, Nepal

Mustang, or „The little Tibet” as the locals call it, is a small territory hidden in the Himalayas, in the north-central part of Nepal. Mustang is an autonomous Kingdom close to the borders of Tibet, and it is a place so culturally intact that some travelers find it more authentic than Tibet itself. The last forbidden kingdom is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, it is filled with pristine nature and the best thing is that it can be seen on a budget.


  1. Yukon, Canada

The wild nature of this vast Canadian territory can be appreciated only from within, from it’s core. You must have heard of the famous Klondike Gold Rush which took place in 1898. Rumor has it that the gold hunts will start again, and this means that the untamed forests with magnificent lakes and proud mountains might change forever. Sadly, the territory is already affected by global warming, and large areas of the frozen regions have already started to disappear in the Atlantic. Nonetheless, Yukon is a superb spectacle of nature, worth discovering.

  1. Palawan, Phillipines

Palawan is made up of hundreds of islands and small stretches of land, and only adventurous trekkers have discovered it until now, but it seems that things are about to change. Palawan has started to exploit its touristic potential, as more and more hotels have started to appear. It seems that this place will soon became an exclusive exotic destination. 

  1. The Solomon Islands

This is an off the beaten track Island which offers a wide variety of entertainment and water activities. Are you used to travelling in the Pacific and enjoying all the pampering in the world? Forget about all those luxurious retreats and opulent resorts, and try something more authentic. Do something different for once, snorkel, hike, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is beautiful, all of it, and it is also quite small. You will undoubtedly fall in love with this tiny island nation for at least one of the following reasons: the landscapes are one of a kind, the people are extremely hospitable and nice and the lamb and fish dishes are to die for.

  1. The Yucatan Jungle

The Mayan communities in the Yucatan peninsula have made great efforts to develop Eco-tourism, which in the end have brought great material and cultural benefits. The small villages scattered throughout the lush forests still follow their ancient traditions, and the jungle can breathe freely because it is not obstructed by buildings or traffic.


  1. Madagascar

The country of Madagascar has went through quite a struggle, with the political instability and economic crysis, but it seems that it is finally on the verge or recovery. If you are looking for something more relaxing, and close to the wild, you should book your ticket now, before the country is overwhelmed with too many visitors. Madagascar will not disappoint.

  1. Negev, Israel

For years without counting, Negrev was considered nothing but a deserted wasteland in the South of Israel. Today, thanks to a national project, a new Eco tourist destination is in the making. The place will have Eco villages, spa’s and basically everything your heart desires. It seems that the mighty desert has finally been tamed.

  1. Inland Sea, Japan

We forgive you if you’ve never heard of this place, because most of the regions of the Island Sea aren’t a usual destination on the international-tourist hit list. They are, however, extremely beautiful, secluded and full of historical charm. You might find this place interesting because it is unlike the developed part of Japan, and it offers the opportunity to experience this rich country in a unique way.


  1. The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the most romantic places in the Caribbean, known for its magnificent beaches, white sandy beaches and luxurious tropical vegetation. It is also full of beautiful historical attractions and cultural wonders like the first catholic church and the first hospital in the world.

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