The team here at thought it was time we did something more special and what’s more special than a list with some of the first video games that made our childhood better? This post is the first in a series of three that deal with great video games from different decades. Top 10 video games from the 90’s and 00’s will follow next week, so be sure to check our site to see which games make our list. Right now let’s take a look at the top 10 video games from the 80’s – a time when video games were just starting to make it big, a time which gave us some of the best video games ever and a time when you couldn’t spot a single drop of blood on any video game hero. Ah, how the times have changed!

10. Pole Position

Pole Position is one of the first racing video games in the world. The children of the 80’s remember this all too well. If you’re a passionate gamer, give this a try, the grandfather of Need for Speed won’t disappoint. Just don’t have any high expectations, the graphics are quite rudimentary.

9. Donkey Kong

Playing as Mario, your job was to save the princess from a horrible and menacing ape. It is a simple but captivating game that can still have the power to get you hooked. Believe it! I’ve stayed up till two o’clock at night last night playing this silly game. And I don’t regret it one bit!

8. Q-Bert

One of the most memorable characters of the 80’s, Q-Bert is supposed to change all the colors of the pyramid avoiding various nuisances. It is a simple task, but very addictive. The game was so popular that a TV show was created with this large-nosed character.

7. Alex Kidd in Miracle World

You could collect coins, breaks squares (tell us that doesn’t sound cool!), swim and have a great time as Alex Kidd. It resembles Super Mario and it has a maddening tune, just like Super Mario does. Give your inner kid a treat and play a round of Alex Kidd.

6. Pacman

One of the greatest video games of all times, we think that every child of the 80’s in the modern world has at least heard of this one. It’s fascinating how it could never get boring running away from Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde and eating those pellets.

5. Centipede

Centipedes are horrible insects, we’re sorry if we offend anyone with this statement but we don’t like them, here at, so the idea of shooting them sounds pretty awesome to us. And when you shoot them, they turn to mushrooms… and we like mushrooms.

4. Frogger

How much cuter can a game get? You’re controlling a frog and you’re helping it create a little home by safely guiding it there. You need to be quite smart about it, as you don’t want to lose a life. There are two approaches to playing this game: one is to rush through everything and try getting the frog as quickly as possible to safety and the other is to take your time and be safe about it. Which one do you prefer?

3. Tetris

No need for any introductions when it comes to this game. It was created by a Russian man and released for the public in 1984, becoming an instant success. It is still one of the most popular games in the world. How about you try it right now? Let’s see if you can stop after only 5 minutes. We bet that you can’t. We can’t either, don’t worry.

2. Duck Hunt

The team here at remember this game so well. We used to have so much fun shooting those ducks and we hated when that damn dog used to laugh at us. The 80’s have given us some of the best games and Duck Hunt is one of them. We will always have a place in our heart for this one.

1. Super Mario Bros.

The number one spot on our list goes to Super Mario Bros. because it is simply awesome! Released in 1985 by Nintentdo, we still play it and it will never become boring. Those mushrooms, turtles and that princess are still greatly entertaining and we still play it with a smile on our face. Take that, Browser!