Halloween is creeping up on us and we have to be ready to dress to impress… and to scare. Maybe go for some Halloween contact lenses to really make a statement and also make sure you choose the character you want to be on that night wisely, you wouldn’t want to disturb its spirit and have it haunt you all year long. We’ve made a list of the most popular and scariest Halloween costumes; here it is:





1.      Vampire


Undoubtedly the most popular costume choice in the world, you could go the Twilight route or the classic vampire one. If you choose Twilight, then make sure you have some Halloween contact lenses that will complete the look of a hungry vampire.

2.      Zombie


If you choose to be a zombie for a night, then you are free to be the best zombie you can be! Makeup will make or break the look, so be sure to have some skilled hands apply it. Use plenty of fake blood, dirt in your hair, on your face and shred some of your old clothes to make this costume perfect.

3.      Freaky Clowns


A clown can be funny, but when a clown doesn’t want to be funny, then it turns into one of the scariest things on earth. That painted smile can look so freaky if the person who is wearing the makeup is not smiling. Carry around a fake knife and give people the stink eye. They will be horrified!

4.      Demon


This one’s easy – just think about how a demon would look like and go for it! Whether you choose the classic red skin, horns and pointy tail or go for the more Buffy-esque type of demon, know that they are scary as hell.

5.      Witch


Another classic choice, being a really scary witch will require some hard thinking on your part. The broom and hat are a must, but why not go a step further and get some Halloween contact lenses that will be completely black and will cover the entire eye? That will be some scary stuff for people to see.

6.      Dracula


Although Dracula is a vampire, we thought we should give him his own league and let you interpret the classic black cape and sleek hair however you want. A nice touch would be a few bags of fake blood to keep in your mouth and let drip from time to time while you’re talking.

7.      A Rabid Rabbit


Bunnies are cute, rabbits are nice, but rabid rabbits are terrifying. If you can’t find the right costume, just get a regular bunny costume and modify it yourself until you are pleased with the result. Add some gruesome teeth and fake blood and you’ll be a bad, bad bunny.

8.      Freddy Krueger


This character has been giving people the hebejebes ever since it came on to the big screen in Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. The masks are everywhere and you can even improvise on the costume. Don’t forget the claw – never forget the claw!

9.      Chucky


The scariest doll in the world, it’s quite easy to be Chucky for a night. Get the shirt and overalls and with an eye pencil draw the freckles on your nose and on top of the cheeks. Pair it with a wig and a Chucky voice and you will scare the daylights out of people

10.  Werewolf


Another classic creature to impersonate on Halloween night, werewolves are really scary if you manage to get a realistic mask. To complete the transformation be sure to growl and make weird sounds from behind the mask when people expect it less. They will genuinely be frightened.