10 Travel Destinations for Christmas Vacation

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Christmas is just around the corner, but there’s still enough time to go and find a last minute trip. Recommendations made by the major travel sites show a variety of destinations that you can choose to spend your Christmas holiday. We’ve compiled a top of the hottest Christmas destinations around the world, hoping you will find the perfect one for you. So, here are our top ten destinations for spending Chritmas.

Christmas travel destinations

1. Kaikoura, New Zealand

Even if you won’t meet reindeer in Kaikoura, in New Zealand you have all the chances to face with cute dolphins or whales during a boat ride. A cruise costs $ 130, $ 20 more than an overnight stay in a three-star hotel. Prices go up depending on the services requested. Those who have cash to spend can try scuba diving and a face to face encounter with a whale.

Christmas travel destinations

2. Castleton, England

A secluded small town, flanked by rows of tall trees can be the ideal destination for Christmas for those seeking tranquility. That does not mean there is no adventure in Castleton: you can visit one of the many caves there. Locals are ready to help.

Christmas travel destinations

3. Paraty, Brazil

The perfectly preserved Portuguese architecture blends with perfect beaches nearby, in one of the most interesting places in South America. A three star room starts at 120 euros per night. Your stay should include dinner at Porto Entreposto Cultural and a toast with Cachaca, a traditional drink.

Christmas travel destinations

4. Quebec, Canada

Cobblestone streets, houses that meet European architecture and lots of snow. These are the reason for which you should not miss a Christmas break here. You can find decent accommodation, starting at 60 euros per night. Every evening concerts and competitions await you, and people will surprise you with their kindness and stories about local customs.

Christmas travel destinations

5. Vienna, Austria

In Vienna, Christmas seems to come faster than in any other place in the world. A tram ride on the Ring will immediately clarify how things are. The city turns into a fairytale and traditional fairs are simply everywhere. And the chic streets smell of mulled wine, wurst, the chestnuts and potatoes. You will have no problems finding accommodation, the prices are acceptable. No matter where you stay, the subway will take you where you need to be. Don not forget the wonderful Schonbrun, the Opera, the Hofburg and Hundertwasser houses.

Christmas travel destinations
6. Chicago, United States

Chicago, the Windy City is decorated annually with a million lights. In fact, it impresses you the moment you step out of O’Hare airport, the second largest airport in U.S. In the city, you can explore every corner of the Christmas markets and Christmas tree. Not to be missed is the Sears Tower, 110 floors and 441 meters high, and the John Hancock Center, another well-known building, where you have a stunning view of the city. A less good news for those that do not mix well with the cold: in winter, temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees.

Christmas travel destinations

7. Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida, the special place of Hemingway. High temperatures, palm trees, plus several inns which must be visited. You must not worry about food: you have more than 300 restaurants and bars. The basic composition of the menu: seafood. And here, the prices are acceptable: a few tens of dollars per night.

Christmas travel destinations

8. Tromso, Norway

How would it be like to brag to your friends that you spent your holiday near the North Pole? Tromso, the largest city in the Norwegian Arctic Circle region, is located on an island and boasts the reputation as the “Paris of the North”. Here, you can find the Arctic Cathedral, a modern masterpiece complete with huge windows and a museum as you’re rarely given the opportunity to see, which hosts a permanent exhibition of Sámi civilization. In Tromso, the sun can be seen from May to July. Between November and January it’s the Arctic night.

Christmas travel destinations

9. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Christmas in Mexico can be a very special experience. Nothing can compare with the appetite for life these inhabitants have. If it’s Christmas, it’s live music and dance competitions in the central square of San Miguel de Allende, El Jardin. You cannot miss a delicious dessert called Ponche, made of fruits and brandy or a specialty Christmas Rosca de Reyes, a sweet bread. Moreover, Mexican cuisine is varied, and any travel agency will advise you not to eat street food, however appealing it may seem, but rather in pubs. One of them, for example, El Tomato, is only for vegetarians. Another, El Pegaso, combines traditional cuisine with Asian food.

Christmas travel destinations

10. Taos, New Mexico

Taos village, situated on a desert plateau, is known for its cultural traditions such as Nativity ceremony. In addition, you can always go skiing! If you choose to stay at a hostel, you will pay less than ten dollars a night. Three-star hotels, however, practice rates starting with $ 150.

So, where will you be spending Christmas this year?

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