Rajasthan in India

When you’re a newly teenager, you only option for a good time during the holiday is a vacation with the family. You’re too young to be vacationing with your friends and too old to be home alone (yes, your parents know what you could do in their absence). So, brace yourself. Winter vacation is coming and if you’re one of those lucky teens who will get to spend the vacation travelling, here are ten places you could suggest to your family to consider for this year’s family vacation.

We guarantee you will have a less horrible time.

1. Admire the “rainbow” in the desert of Rajasthan, India

Maybe it’s arid, but that does not mean it’s not full of color: Rajasthan amazes with hundreds of thousands of bright saries. Increasingly more, India is trying to attract tourists who travel with families, offering the highest standards of accommodation and transport network. Entering a fairytale world in the old town of Jaisalmer, wander around Jodhpur roads, painted in blue and visit gilded palaces belonging to important dynasties. Teens will be overly excited by the variety of vehicles, from elephants and camels to rickshaws, as well as the sounds, sights and smells that greet you at every stop in India.

2. 1001 Tokyo city in Japanand Santa in Lapland

Christmas is not Christmas without snow. If you still believe in the magic of this Holiday, you should visit Santa and reindeer’s home in Lapland, Finland. Near the Arctic Circle is the official home of Santa Claus, and tall trees, ice hotels and Aurora Borealis await for you. You can find accommodation up in Rovaniemi, relax in a sauna, then hit the road in the snow to the land of Santa Claus.

3. Legoland Park

‘Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen’ as Danny Kaye’s character, created by in Hans Christian Andersen says. And he was right – the beautiful capital city of Denmark is an ideal destination for a short holiday with the family. Start with a trip to the statue of the “Little Mermaid” and visit Tivoli Gardens where playgrounds have been delighting both little ones teens and teens since 1843. Children and parents will be thrilled beyond measure with the Christiania district, not to mention Legoland, with its colorful structures, hand built Lego pieces.

4. Explore oases in Oman

A less known country, located near the United Arab Emirates, Oman is the perfect place for a getaway with the family, with its clear waters, elegant hotels with facilities for children, the dunes of the desert and subtropical climate. Go to Muscat and wander the town with whitewashed houses, then enter the desert for a camel ride and Bedouin-style camp. Relax on the Sharkiya beach and stop in Sur to see the turtle reserve at Ras al- Jinz.

5. Bright lights and an impressive city: Tokyo, Japan

Children of all ages will appreciate all things related to high technology, but also those that are related to kitsch. The little ones will be glad to see Hello Kitty or Dragonball. Adults will likely be intrigued by teenagers in Tokyo, who can imitate favorite manga characters. True Kitty fans should not miss a visit to her home in Sanrio Puroland. Then admire the top of the city from the Tokyo Tower’s Special Observatory.

6. Land of children, Fiji

Parents who want to rest and relax, have to go to Fiji, this charming green archipelago in the South Pacific. Here, luxury hotels take very good care of kids.

7. Accommodation in tent in the U.S.

Road thrills of U.S. awaits those who come here with family. Rent a car in New York and then go to the west, towards small American cities, on your way to the fascinating San Francisco. What really makes this trip special is the opportunity to stay for a night or two in a camping – America’s national parks are ideal places for that. What could be nicer than that at the end of a tiring day on the road?

8. An adventure in Scotland

Scotland is much more than animals, whiskey and lands covered by fog, and a holiday in the north of the country is a delight for the whole family. Begin your journey in Loch Ness – it’s hard to refuse a tour of the location in which resides the famous sea monster. Then go to the Hebrides for a ferry ride through seals, birds and dolphins and endless portions of sand. Go south to Edinburgh, do not miss the famous summer festival, Fringe: theatrical performances, street performers that will delight exceedingly.

9. A Journey in the Land of Oz

Rent an RV and take your favorite CDs and start this unforgettable Australian adventure. Little ones will love to see all the species of insects hidden among the rocks, and the great part is that you will all enjoy fresh air, food cooked in the open fire, and the journey itself. Jump to Uluru (Ayers Rocks) for an authentic experience of living in the desert, take the kids on a tour of the School of the Air and do not miss the kangaroos.

10. Ride a camel in Cairo, Egypt

Visiting Cairo offers unexpected pleasures for both children and adults. Start with a visit to the Egyptian Museum where you can admire the treasures of the Pharaohs (kids will love the mummy room), then wander through traditional markets – souk – where you can enjoy snacks offered by street vendors. Then go to Giza to penetrate the narrow corridors of the pyramids, watch the sunrise in the dunes on the back of a camel.