unusual staircase

Although they were quite neglected in the past, staircases have lately become the playground of architects and designers who come up with new ideas and bold innovative design to integrate them in all homes. They are creative, modern and create some fun and fascinating optical illusions. Who would have ever thought that climbing stairs could be fun and playful?

Here are ten amazing unusual staircases:

1. The distorted staircase

You almost cannot look at this design without having a headache. This distorted design was originally created on the computer, followed by the construction of stairs and railings at the same time because the stairs are also distorted and along with the bumpers they had to create the hallucinating effect as seen in the images.

2. Backbone staircase

Another artist and interior designer thought to devise an unusual railing for a client that mimicked the spinal vertebrae and ribs. The inner rail is made of stainless steel, it has spaced bars that together with the steps form not just a functional element in the home but also an aesthetic one.

3. The corner staircase

Call me old-fashioned, but how am I supposed to climb these stairs without tripping? OK, we get the idea: the corners on the lefts should be climbed only with the left foot, while those on the right are reserved for the right foot. It’s hard to imagine someone getting used to having such a staircase and having to climb it all the time. But this is just wrong.

4. The rock staircase

Well, this is more like it. Although the steps seem pretty narrow, we can totally see this staircase integrated in a white home, furnished to the minimum, with simple lines and attention to detail. An incredible design which amazes what the human mind can create.

5. The stairslide

Now, this is probably the most fun staircase on our list. Imagine a staircase with double functionality, that manages to be fun as well. Although the slide attached to the staircase in the picture only seems appropriate for kids, you could build a bigger one to accomodate your inner child. I cannot imagine how happy are the kids living in a house with an indoor slide. Awesome childhood. We’re jealous.

6. The skateboard staircase

If you are a fan of skateboarding, you will love this next amazing staircase design. It’s like having your favorite sport with you all the time and every time you climb the stairs you can imagine yourself on the streets, riding that skateboard with moves you don’t even thing about in advance.

7. The shoe drawers staircase

Women will, most certainly, appreciate this design. Although it looks like a normal staircase, this design is amazing in terms of functionality. Often, the space used for a staircase is wasted. But not with this design, which hides a great secret: secret drawers where you can place everything you want to keep in hand (or in feet), such as shoes. We just love how shoes stay perfectly aligned over there.

8. The floating staircase

We have a preconceived notion that staircases should look a certain way, but when looking at the amazing designed above, you realize that there is something very elegant and modern about a floating staircase. First of all you save a lot of space (now, you can use the space under it, by adding some shelves, a coffee table, anything you want) and second of all, the staircase looks simply like taken from a science fiction movie, where things don;t need to be on the ground, but can easily function in the air.

9. Another staircase with drawers

Want to take even more advantage of the space behind a staircase? Well, by positioning the drawers as shown in the picture above, you well have even bigger drawers (super-drawers) that you can use for even more things (bigger ones), not just shoes. Or even better: how about making a giant door under the staircase and use the space like a storage room? Awesome.

10. Book shelve staircase

This next design is for all you book lovers out there. Transforming the space under the staircase in an open storage space for everyone to see is a great way to show off your most prized possession in a unique way.

How you ever thought about redesigning your staircase? If you make a project out of it, we would love to see pictures.