lady gaga

Well, we all know celebrities love to be in the spotlight and there are probably very few who didn’t fall in the tempting arms of taking selfies and filling up their Instagram accounts with snap shots, unintentional pictures (usually capturing them into all sorts of moods and postures which can be labeled anything from “hilarious” to “embarrassing”) or even intentional poses for the fans, friends and media hawks to enjoy and comment upon. Be them cinema veterans or striving artists, everybody has their pic on the Internet and nowadays they can’t even blame the paparazzi for that.

Back in 2013 there were tops made with celebrities most interesting / funny or unfortunate Instagrams, while it seems that the trend of photobombing others or taking selfies reached even a more badass level, if we take a look back at what happened at the Oscars. Therefore, today we will nose around into some of these superstars’ accounts and pick 10 weird celebrities Instagrams for everybody to enjoy and laugh of, and who knows, maybe to get inspired by.

1. Duck Face for the Super Bowl


Did you happen to miss Destiny’s Child or remember the name of the other band members, besides Beyonce Knowles, of course? Well, for all those suffering from some sort of nostalgia or shortage of memory, the girls showed everybody they can still have fun, while duck facing the camera back in 2013 for the Super Bowl! Why?

2. Lady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest

lady gaga

Ryan’s Instagram followers must have had a real shock when the gentleman posted a photo of himself and notorious shape – shifter Lady Gaga looking like clowns. While you can’t ignore the artistic seasoning of this photo, you also can’t help those shivers coming down your spine, although, in all truth, Lady Gaga looks almost normal in this photo compared to her usual stage outfits.

3. Steampunk Gaga

lady gaga

We were saying… Yes, Lady Gaga looking just like any other woman in the street with a bit of face painting leftovers in the picture above and plotting to make an unforgettable appearance on her Instagram account, looking steampunk – ish, goth – ish and, why not admitting it, pretty hot… no less weird, but hot.

4. Oh what a funny family, what a funny family…

neil patrick harris

You probably don’t know the song, but Neil Patrick Harris you do and quite well. If you ever decide to follow his Instagrams, make sure you are prepared for some cuteness overload… If you check them account you will see these people don’t miss any chance to behave odd and have fun together…

5. Dwayne “I Rock Breakfast” Johnson

the rock

Our beloved Rock, besides wanting to scare everybody with his imposing bod and badass attitude, also wants to go down in history for the most baffling Instagrams ever posted by celebrities. Not once did we see with our own eyes the eating capabilities of this super – human (which we think might shame even Chuck Norris), but seeing him angry would make even the new Godzilla to reconsider… existence…

6. Wait, what? What are they doing?

ellie gould

If you just browsed this photo with your mind wondering for a second somewhere else, you had the same reaction as we did: what are these girls doing? What’s with that display of affection? What has Katy Perry to say for herself? But, if you take a more attentive look (and dust that dirty mind), you will see that there is more than the eye can see in this pic: Ellie is picking Katy’s nose. Phew, and we thought bad things were happening…

7. Did Michelle fall for the blue tongue?

cara delevingne

If you heard that your hot fave badass chica Michelle Rodriguez had some sort of an affair with a fresh upcoming fashion model by the name of Cara Delevingne and wondered what is going on, perhaps this does: in her spare time, Cara and her granny Betty have fun together by painting their tongues blue (with what exactly?) and posting the pictures online. Among the ten weird celebrity Instagrams we aim to show you, this one is even more disturbing than Lady Gaga’s.

8. Demi “Sexy Zombie” Lovato

demi lovato

Because celebrities are normal people who do exactly the same things all of us do. Between going to the job and attending grandma’s birthday party, we all dress up like zombies and take pictures of ourselves to rank higher in tops and become an entertainment subject for our Instagram followers. A normal day in the life of every Joe and Jane out there.

9. Gandalf and the hi – tech wizard we all love

Ian McKellen

There are few things about Sir Ian McKellen and Gandalf that we don’t love, and this just adds to the reasons to worship them. No matter how weird this picture is – although very interesting from an artistic point of view – Gandalf will never cease to amaze us, even if only with Instagram photos.

10. Who spies on the Baldwins?

alec baldwin

So he was going to…work? And she was trying to stop him? Is it love? Is it a family fight? And who’s taking the picture? And why is she determined to not let him go? So many questions, so much fun, especially knowing that Hilaria Baldwin is a yoga instructor, so for her this may be only a morning stretching exercise…

Well, we hope you liked our collection of weird celebrities Instagrams. If you piled up a few favorites of your own, don’t be shy in sharing, we all love a good laugh around here!