eye in the back of the head tattoo

A long time ago, having a tattoo was something specific for inmates and the rebels, but now it is regarded as a fashion statement, something personal forever “written” on your skin. Since people are always seeking ways to get noticed, ordinary tattoos have been replaced by weird and outrageous ones, making people who see them wonder “What was he/she thinking?”.

Although we might never find the answer to this question, we have selected for you ten weird (or insanely awesome tattoos) that make some sort of statement, but we are not sure, what exactly that statement is. If you can help us, make sure you leave a comment bellow.

1. Insert coins in slot

If there is one thing urban culture has thought us, is that a tattoo in this area is widely known as a “tramp stamp”. And one with the above message only supports the idea. We have one question: what happens if we do insert coins in slot?

2. Eyes on the back of your head

The saying of “having eyes on the back of your head” means paying attention to what is going on around you, paying attention to so-called friends. But this guy took it a bit too far. First of all this tattoo is bound to scare anyone, since those eye are pretty angry. Second of all, you have to make the commitment of shaving your head all the time, otherwise, your tattoo will look even weirder.

3. The star tattoo

Well, this girl really wants to shine, we can agree with that. The good part is that she will save money on makeup, because this tattoo covers most of her face. The bad part is she will most probably never work in public relations or have any type of job that requires professional human interaction.

4. The slave tattoo

We can also agree with the fact that a facial tattoo is almost always a bad idea. Being stuck with something on your face for the rest of your life (laser removal is painful, expensive and it doesn’t completely remove the entire tattoo) is a decision you must make after very careful consideration. And not even then you cannot completely trust your judgement, because people tend to change their minds. Maybe not in a week, but someday. Plus, slave is such a strong word.

5. The cutlery tattoo

So, we established that tattoos make a statement and reflect a personal opinion or moral values etc. But what does a cutlery tattoo stand for? Is it there to remind you how to set the dinner table? Is it a reminder to “take a bit out of life”?

6. The inner lip tattoo

If you’re making a statement about something, aren’t people supposed to see your tattoo at some point? What is the use for an inner lip tattoo (besides a tremendous amount of pain)? Nobody can see it unless you pull your lip. Verdict: weird.

7. The Sigourney Weaver tattoo

If we remember correctly, the alien come out of the belly, but who are we to question a tattoo? We can only tell you this: if you are a girl and decide to get a tattoo like the one in the image above, make sure you give a heads up to a guy before going intimate. You might scare him half to death.

8. The Frankenstein tattoo

This guy is preparing himself for a zombie apocalypse and he made sure he will mingle with the crowd if that happens. It is probably the scariest and weirdest tattoo on our list and we hope we never see this guy in real life.

9. The toe tattoo

Having two toes stuck together (webbed toes) is a birth defect (most of the time doctors are able to correct it). This tattoo probably means that the person who has it has a sense of humor, but, we believe that the only thing this tattoo does is to draw attention to the defect. What do you think?

10. The nail tattoo

Losing a part of your arm, or any limb, is most probably a traumatic experience. Do you think it’s less obvious or funny if you get a tattoo on your arm and make it look like a giant finger with the nail and everything? No, it doesn’t. It just looks incredibly weird.