Some say it is something of a hipster trend, buying meats, cheeses and other produce from farmers’ markets instead of your local supermarket or grocery store. However, aside from being quite fun to browse around, buying your meat from farmers’ markets is actually better for everyone involved – you, the farmers, and even the animals who eventually end up on your plate! Here are some of the reasons to head out to your local farmers’ market or, if you don’t have that option nearby, buy the same great produce online from somewhere like the Good Grub People online farm food shop.

It is Better for the Economy

When farmers are able to sell direct to the people who want their foods, everybody gets a better deal because there are no middlemen involved. They only have to transport what they want to sell to the market (or send it out for delivery if you are ordering their produce online), and they can charge a fair price for what they are selling rather than supplying it in bulk to a supermarket. You will find prices are not that different to you as a consumer than going to the supermarket, but the money is going straight to the people who did all the work.

The Products Are Better

Put plainly, you get far better stuff when you shop at a farmers’ market. You know exactly where it came from and how it was farmed, you know how fresh it is, and of course, a farmer or master butcher can talk to you about the produce, which doesn’t happen when you buy your meat packaged from the supermarket refrigerator. Not sure what the best cut of meat to use for a certain recipe is? They can tell you. Not sure how long to cook that joint for? They know. Not only do they know, but they live and breathe this stuff, so they are happy to help you get the best food for whatever you want to make. Some will even advise you on things like the best marinades or herbs to use with different cuts, and not a lot of supermarkets have someone on hand who can do that!

It’s Better for the Environment and Animals

Aside from keeping transportation down by selling locally, which is better for the environment, farmers’ markets also promote more ethical farming methods, such as free range farming. This is because it is something many consumers want, and will ask the farmers they buy from questions about. Most meat eaters are happy to enjoy meat, but would still prefer to think the animal had a good life, plus, free range meat tends to taste better as the animals were fitter, less stressed and had a more varied diet – this is absolutely reflected in the quality of their meat.

Of course, the supermarket is still there when you want branded goods or convenience foods, but for fresh produce, buy from the farmers!