10 Dangerous Cities In The World

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Making a top of the most dangerous cities in the world is not an easy task, the lists change year after year. Some time ago, Chicago was, and still is considered the world’s crime capital. But let’s face it, just because Chicago has an interesting crime history and something that looks like a proneness to violence, there are other cities in this world that are basically imbued in constant acts of crime. There are cities out there which can scare even the most spectacular team of super heroes and if you think the Expendables can take a quiet walk in the park in some of these towns, think again! Today we will see (from the distance, as nobody dares to travel in those virtually war zones) the top ten most dangerous cities in the world.

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1. San Pedro Sula – Honduras

It takes first place as the crime rate was established at 169 deaths at 100.000 inhabitants. Despite the touristic attractions, Honduras is a dangerous country and San Pedro Sula is not something we’d visit without the Terminator (Arnie’s version to be exact) to tag along.

dangerous cities

2. Ciudad Huarez – Mexico

It is not a myth in Hollywood movies that Mexico is that type of country you should visit only if you have a weapons’ permit and some shooting skills. Full of cultural attractions, with a history and surrounding legends that appeal to everybody, Mexico loses a lot of attention and potential touristic development due to the violence it is characterized by. Ciudad Huarez isn’t the first time when makes the top ten list of the most dangerous cities in the world, as drug traffic and gang wars are current news.

dangerous cities

3. Maceio, Brazil

Many years, Rio de Janeiro bared the stigmata of danger, crime and unthinkable violence, together with Buenos Aires even. Did you happen to see the famous and most disturbing movie Citade de Deus? Did you hear about the Brazilian favelas? Well, Maceio seems to be the peak of them all, as it hit the list with proven facts that people actually contract paid killers to solve some of their business.

dangerous cities

4. Acapulco, Mexico

Don’t get us wrong, the beaches in Acapulco still make the top touristic destinations in the world. The paradox is that despite the beauty, the fame and the world-renown publicity Acapulco benefits of, it is still one of the most dangerous cities in the world, statistics showing an incredible crime rate of 128 victims in 100.000 inhabitants.

dangerous cities

5. Sharm el Sheikh

You can find there not only ones of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, tourist luxury services that redefine the concept of luxury, vacation offers that attract millions of people, but also, and unfortunately this is the truth, armed attacks, broad daylight street robberies, assault and rape. It is indeed a shame, as this corner of Heaven is still considered one of the best outcomes of nature and man teamwork.

Sharm el Sheikh, în ciuda peisajelor magnifice cu care te-ar atrage, are pericole nenum?rate. S-ar putea s? fii jefuit pe strad?. Ba chiar s? dai de câteva jafuri armate... Foto: Mediafax

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia also takes pride in its spectacular landscapes, a culture that begs to be discovered and explored and… a history of violence that made way too many victims. Presently, the state’s capital is said to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world, as the crime rate increased with 70% in the last three years. It wasn’t a peace on Earth display before either, but now things seem to keep getting worse.

dangerous cities

7. Johannesburg, South Africa

This South African city almost competes with New York in infrastructure, economy expansion, touristic attractions and way of life. Still, Trip Advisor listed this beautiful city among the most dangerous in the world as people still can witness street shootings and physical assaults in broad day light.

dangerous cities

8. Caracas, Venezuela

Back in South America, among the world’s records nominees in crime and violence. Caracas is the playground of numerous drug cartels and gangs and street fights, wars and assaults are a constant preoccupation for the inhabitants and authorities, who explicitly warn people not to hang for long in some specific neighborhoods.

dangerous cities

9. Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country and a lot of people go there to get a taste of the Orient, learn about ancient traditions, see the desert with their own eyes and feel the magic atmosphere. Marrakech is, however, a very dangerous city and even on the governmental official web site the authorities warn future tourists to consider carefully their visit, as they might find themselves in threatening situations.

dangerous cities

10. New Orleans, U.S.A

It is a pity to find this incredible beautiful city among the top 40 most dangerous cities of 2012, but unfortunately, the facts and numbers show New Orleans as being one violent city and the only one in the U.S. that made it to the list.

dangerous cities

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  1. ewsh91@gmail.com' Elton says:

    I’m wondering what factors are being considered when rating the most dangerous city.

  2. ailifxp@gmail.com' alif says:

    I live, work and play in kuala lumpur. The actual conditions and safety is totally incorrect. Most of the place are very safe

  3. blackmachina@hotmail.com' Steven says:

    Kuala Lumpur is not more dangerous than Kingston, Jamaica. I’ve been to both and Kuala Lumpur is a very vibrant metropolis with skyscrapers and many monuments. Lived in the outskirts and it was no worse than an american city outskirt. Malaysia is actually a very rich country. I’m not biased, I’m italian. Port-au-Prince (Haiti) may be the most dangerous. Shame on whoever wrote this article.

  4. james.alanparker26@gmail.com' Lived in KL Entire Life says:

    I’m sorry. Kuala Lumpur should not be anywhere near this list. I lived there my entire life and not once have seen someone get mugged, beat up or killed. The fact it’s on the list with Caracas or Maceio is a freaking joke. Yes, there has been a little bit political turmoil in the past few years, but I urge that you come visit the country. It is incredibly laid back, and Malaysians are notorious for their “lepak” and “chill out” attitude. Maybe you should do a little bit more than Google Search, go to the country that you have publicly humiliated and experience the culture for yourself.

    While the majority of these cities are rampart with drugs, guns and murders the biggest concern in Kuala Lumpur are snatch-thieves. While it is a social problem, losing your purse is much less worse than losing your head.

  5. azukichan_2106@yahoo.com' hisako says:

    kl,malaysia is not that bad

  6. nanasweety@rediffmail.com' sasmi says:

    why Karachi, Pakistan is not in here… should be first in list

  7. syaril_m@yahoo.com' Mohd Syaril says:

    Don’t support your claim that Kuala Lumpur is in the top 10 list of the dangerous cities, please come an enjoy it yourself admin.

  8. chekyu@gmail.com' chek says:

    Is it true that KL was No:6 in the list. Malaysia Gov said the crime rate is down and Malaysia is very safe. I am confused.

  9. edwardclayton@yahoo.co.uk' Edward says:

    Kuala Lumpur one of the most dangerous cities in the world? Where on earth do you get your information from? After living in London and Dusseldorf, and now in KL for 5 years, I can say it’s far safer than either of those two cities. I and my family have not had or witnessed a single crime incident in the whole time we’ve been here.

  10. patleeyc@gmail.com' Pat says:

    Interesting study. but out of how many cities researched?

  11. hazzpilus@gmail.com' KL is safe says:

    Hi I’m from Malaysia and live in Kuala Lumpur. I am shocked to see you rated KL as 1 of the most dengerous city? Hahaha what a joke. This is defenitely not true at at all. In face KL is one of the most safe city in the world.

  12. syafiq_11081991@yahoo.com.my' JohnCharshh says:

    I dun know why Kuala Lumpur are listed because i think this city is safe.In this asian country, i think in Thailand have more the dangerous place rather than Kuala Lumpur.

  13. drephk@hotmail.com' Drephk says:

    This list is not true, especially for Kuala Lumpur. How could you predate it? What is your source?
    Why didn’t you put Jakarta Indonesia, Peshawar Pakistan, etc.

  14. ramzybamieh@gmail.com' Ram says:

    If Sharm el Sheikh is in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world, then we must live in a wonderfully safe world. Sorry Deea (author) but you’re way off the mark with that one. (I live there).

  15. cecily64@gmail.com' Cecily says:

    I would like to know who compiled that list???

  16. kabo.santony@gmail.com' kabo santony says:

    what you put about sharm this is a big lie coz this photo in this link this 2 soldiers was in this conference to scure it so pleas chick your staff and then talk about,we live in sharm and there is a lot of people not from egypt they live here in peace don`t make bad repetition for some place when you don`t know it or visit it now

  17. ryan8222@yahoo.com' Ryan8222 says:

    Welldone Malaysia, once again we are on the world news, albeit, for all the wrong reasons!

  18. jaginder@hotmail.com' Jinder says:

    How factors are considered in determining these rankings? sources? I just stumped that KL is ranked 6! Maybe I am in denial… lol

  19. Penelopeguillard@icloud.com' Penelope says:

    I leave in Sharm for 12 years and I have been shocked to see it considered the 5th most dangerous city in the world! I go out even alone in the night, work, drive my car and leave with a good quality of life!

  20. redsyee@gmail.com' sean yee says:

    I guess the comment KL as one of the dangerous city is bias…! I’ve been living in KL for the last 25 years & it’s always calm & crime in not as high as the author’s opinion. I dare the author to come to KL to see for herself then simply do this list…

  21. fuwafuwarein@gmail.com' fuwaneko says:

    “Syukur, malaysia aman” LOL

  22. isit@gmail.com' z says:

    stupid article by a stupid blog!!why don’t you put new york, chicago, and the rest of US State??stupid!

  23. keta.jahat@gmail.com' Chili Palmer says:

    Malaysia is on the list? totally rubish fact..

  24. chinky@yahoo.com' Chinky Bastard says:

    Let us all move to Xiamen then, yuhuuuu!!

  25. aaa@hotmail.com' chang says:

    Welcome to Malaysia…
    Malaysia Minister say : Criminal happen everywhere, pls stop complaint it, else migrate to other country.

  26. bikinla@yahoo.com' 04 says:

    no.6 yeaayy.. shooting,chopping,stabbing,mugging,raping,kidnapping…KL style!

  27. m4dlizaa@hotmail.com' Liza Ismail says:

    Have you ever been to malaysia. I live in the capital city Kuala Lumpur and I go out with my two teenage girls. Precautions are necessary, of course, which city is totally safe (I would like to think it’s safer than a lot of US cities). But the way you write it and caption it with bloody pictures, people would think that a running gun battle happens every night. We have gun control here not like in the US where guns are sold everywhere and anyone can buy it no questions asked and our schools have not been troubled by shootings. And could you please tell me what is the picture that is captioned for Malaysia. Honestly, it looks like from a movie clip with Hazmat suits n everything.

  28. jgopi2@hotmail.com' Jayagopal Adaikkalam says:

    Ican’t believe it, Kuala Lumpur is a very safe City…

  29. hunterx@yahoo.com' Jong Jeng Jung says:

    Wtf? I’ve lived 10 years in the allegedly number 6, kuala lumpur, Malaysia.. surely New Orleans is worse than them.. from my last visit, it’s very hard to find a teenager with a gun.. and gun is illegal here.. how in the world can it be categorized as the most dangerous city in the world? haha.. where do you get this data?

  30. bisbjerg@attglobal.net' peder says:

    This is the silliest list I have seen in a long time! Yes, some of those places are dangerous, but Kuala Lumpur is most certainly safe and I have been twice to Marrakech in the last two month and felt very safe there. In my opinion, the risk of being robbed in Paris or Milan is higher than in these two cities on the list.

  31. azlanzizal@gmail.com' Really says:

    Ryan8222, and u actually believed this crap?! I love ur patriotism dude. Real smart. Fact that Jakarta (Indonesia) is not in, Danok or Pattaya, Freetown (Sierra Leone) arnt, Abuja (Nigeria) arnt, Kosovo arnt and many more… So dude, for the sake of ur dignity. Shut the hell up. :)

  32. adamr8@hotmail.com' Adam says:

    No way KL is even close to being one of the ten most danegrous cities in the world. More dangerous than Lagos? More dangerous than Kingston, Jamaica? More dangerous than Karachi? More dangerous than Bogota?

    Seems a bit unlikely to me…

  33. travisschafer87@yahoo.com' Ima Mr Google says:

    mm Malaysia.. Fake reason wtf -.- America is more dangerous than Malaysia. Pistol here Pistol there :L

  34. kei3th.d.ace@gmail.com' Khairul says:

    I don’t see why Malaysia is in the list.

  35. sateyoung@yahoo.com.sg' Young says:

    like it or not, KL criminal fatalities are high while the government in Malayisa is famous of covering the shit up.. Other commentators claimed places like Paris, Milan, Jakarta are high crime rate too and they are not listed here, while it’s true but they are mainly petty crimes like stealing, pickpocketing & stuffs, they are nowhere near KL where guns for hire are rampant and leaders are involved too

  36. mbizinc@yahoo.com' 10awesome says:

    Hey, Z. Thanks for reading our post. Actually, New York is a very safe city. It’s probably one of the safest large cities in the US (especially Manhattan). Chicago on the other hand has an outrageous amount of crime.

  37. fadzalj@yahoo.co.uk' Lived Dangerously says:

    I have been to many capitals of the world and I cant say which city is precisely in the top 10. But what I can say here that KL is not even near any of the South American cartel controlled-corrupt authorities-denial government cities. No doubt any major cities in the world is hampered with social matters and crime, but KL is a safe citiy with almost 2 millions people living here from all over the world. It is comparable to Singapore,Sydney or New York(NYC is really a safe city,crime down 60% since Bloomberg took over).I urge readers and also the author to do research before making any decision. I am an expatriate who has taken the “Malaysia my second home” offer a few years aho and not a second I regret it. My ONLY problem with this city is…its climate.

  38. tschsn11@yahoo.com' chan ts says:

    hi dear rater,you must be mislead by others,kl is very safe as compat
    red with the 9 cities you listed, our banks is not heavily armed like others do,we just have one elderly guard with one tradional styled gun to reflect it is safe, except we.do have some snatch thieves,,,we would like to invite rater to come to kl

  39. moham29577@yahoo.com' BESTMobile Telco Malaysia says:

    you are wrong about KL Malaysia. Crime happen is normal at any country, but to list KL is one of the “dangerous” city is false statement.

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