Saturday, December 2, 2023
man and woman talking

10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation: Complete Guide

image source: pexels Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone, but instead of talking, you spent most of your time in an awkward...

10 Reasons Why We Cannot Attain Our Goals

With the multitude of philosophers or self-improvement experts in all types of press, it is incredible how many times a day we are advised...

10 Ways to Naturally Improve Memory

  Memory is a funny thing and although it can be selective at times, most people of all ages have those rare moments when thoughts...

10 Bad Habits You Need to Kick

A while ago we talked about some habits you need to give up and now it’s time we revisited that with a look at...
Bowl with stones and crystals

Feng Shui: 10 Most Powerful Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals are known from ancient times as having strong and beneficial energies for man. They were used by feng shui specialists to...

10 Inspirational Quotes That Might Do You Good

Inspirational quotes are everywhere to be found on the Internet and one can claim we are sort of over saturated with them, as all are sharing their words of wisdom, while few tell us how to really act in a crisis situation or how practically find inspiration and motivation when everything seems to crumble and fall around us.

10 Signs Showing Depression Might Have Kicked In

We all get sad sometimes and it is natural to feel that way, as life isn't always a box of chocolates, to quote a famous movie character. But the thin line between sadness and depression is so thin sometimes, that even people suffering from it don't usually realize that there is something wrong. And while sadness is a functional emotion, still letting people to act and adjust to situations and even overcome the general down mood, depression is an incapacitating disorder, having the ability to change completely a person's way and quality of life, often leading to more serious problems.

Top 10 Best Industries to Work In

Have you ever wondered what the best industries are for young graduates to work in? We have and after some research we have come...