Here are ten of the best Android apps from various domains. Enjoy!

Aldiko is one of the best e-book readers for Android, with an intuitive interface that is customizable and easy to use. This app will read any ePub file, which you can import yourself or download through Aldiko’s online catalog. Download

Nesoid is the best Nintendo emulator for those great and immortal 8-bit games. You can scan the QR Code and download the app here.

Google Voice gives you the opportunity to use a single phone number to all of your phones, to make cheap international call, to record your calls or to send free sms texts. Download

Evernote for Android allows you to create text notes, snap photos, and record audio. In addition, you can easily attached files to your notes. Free subscribers can add PDFs, text, audio, or image files. Download

My Tracks records and displays your distance, duration, elevation, pace, and other information in real time while you run (or ride, or hike). Download

With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page. Start your music journey now! Download

“Ok, Seriously. Seesmic Web is just waaaaay better than using Twitter.com” – Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder. Download

K-9 Mail is an excellent free and open source email client that can handle IMAP, POP, WebDav, and some not-so-finicky exchange servers. This app is an improved and more full-featured version of the Mail app that comes with your Android phone. Download

With Kayak you get Hotel Deals, Cheap Airfare and Book Cheap Tickets without Fees. Free Track Flight Status from flightstats.  Free itinerary management, and calendar integration for trips.  Google maps integration for hotels, airports, and trips. Download

Qik, a free mobile app new on the Android Market, promises live streaming of video off your phone and direct to Qik’s web player. Download