If there would be no unexplained phenomenon in the world, life would seem extremely dull. Fortunately though, we have enough mystery surrounding us to occupy our minds for years to come. Here are some of the most interesting strange phenomena in the world:

1. The toads in the coal pockets

strange phenomena1

How could  toads end up caught in geodes and in charcoal? Usually,when this happens, the pocket is full of mucus and when the frog breathes air, it suddenly comes back to life. However, soon enough, it turns grey and dies.  But how did it reach in there? Apparently, what happens is that frogs which remain burrowed in mud get caught and, if it happens that the mud fossilizes quickly, the frog will not be able to get out anymore. In certain conditions, and in the presence of mineralized water, the mud may transform into stone.

2. Flimmer- Geists

strange phenomena2

Did you ever catch a movement at the corner of your eyes resembling a moving dark silhouette? Did you quickly turn your head expecting to see someone, but there was however no one? If you did, than know that you are not the only one! According to scientists, this is a usual “trick of the eyes” but they do not provide any explanation for it.

3. Footprints which should not be there

strange phenomena3

Some people claim to have discovered both footprints of humans and of dinosaurs in the same rock. This, however, is not possible, or is it? The footsteps of humans that come from an age when they should not have existed- millions of years ago created great controversy both among evolutionists and creationists. While some believe them to be fake and others think that they should be researched carefully, we cannot but wait and wonder if this unexplained phenomenon will find a solution.

4. Vanishing people

strange phenomena4

One of the most intriguing unexplained phenomena is that of the vanishing people. They have the bad habit of disappearing in front of eye witnesses who are simply shocked by the event. While most of these stories are hoaxes, some very well documented cases were the reason for this unexplained phenomenon appearing on the list.

5. Mystery Scratches

strange phenomena5

Some weeks ago, my husband woke up to find some unusual bruises on his leg, that shouldn’t have been there – given the fact that he did not jumped any fences but he slept peacefully all night long. Apparently, he is not the only one to have experienced such a strange phenomenon. There are many people in the world who wake up in the morning with their body scratched or bruised. While some are singular experiences, others tend to repeat so often that  the persons go so far as wearing gloves during night. What do doctors say about it? They say it may be caused by a disease called Pityriasis Rosea, but most people do not believe in their “reasonable” explanation.

6. Naturally occurring infrasound

strange phenomena6

Infrasound is lower than the 20HZ that people are able to hear, but it is there. Apparently, natural phenomena such as volcanic activity generate infrasound which animals can hear –and this is the explanation for their strange ability to predict disasters. The unexplained part is the fact that not only animals panic when they are subject to infrasounds, but experiments show that humans panic as well. The effect of infrasound on humans is so powerful that it may be used in various ways to control crowds.

7. The Hessdalen lights

strange phenomena7

The lights that occur over Hessdallen, in Norway, are so mysterious that people still argue regarding their source. Even though they look like bubbles of burning gas, they  keep glowing much more than they should, as simple gas bubbles. From UEFOs to miracles and from scandium effects to ionic charges, the imagination of men did not fail to find a “possible answer “ the this mystery.

8.Time slips


Time is, according to scientists, a much more complex concept than we humans are used to believe.  What’s more, the “slippery” of time was researched by renowned names, such as Albert Einstein, with amazing results. The “time slips” are actually, unusual phenomena that suppose the interference of the current time whit past time. It is experienced by persons from the present and unnoticed by those from the past.  The person experiencing such a phenomenon cannot even believe that what he saw for a few seconds is true. He blinks and  continues with his own business, as if nothing had happened, most often. There are times when people claim to have seen things that could not possibly be true…but who believes them?

9. The plain of Jars

strange phenomena8

The plain of Jars is located in the Xiangkhouang province, in Laos.  Here, the thousands of stone jars vary from very small to huge and were dated from 2000 years ago. There is little to none information about the creators of these wonders and this is partly because there are about 10,000 unexploded mines in the area. While some believe that they were created to serve some religious purposes, others think that they were used to collect rain water. The jars are one of those ancient mysteries that make life on Earth beautiful.

10.Hyper perception

strange phenomena10

This is not as uncommon as you might believe it to be. It may have happened to you as well: it describes the feeling that a person has when he or she is entering a room and experiences extreme familiarity regarding the place, as if having memories of a place he has never been to before. These unexplained phenomena are not given enough attention though and people confronting with hyper perception are left to debunk the mystery by themselves.

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