Oh, future world, show us your wonders! This is the way a chant performed by a science fiction lover in front of a crystal ball would sound like. If we substitute the globe with the marvelous world of cinema, we learn a lot of exciting answers concerning how the future will look like. However, in this article we will focus on a subset category, essential to the survival of mankind in the future: guns. The coolest, most efficient and most unusual weapons will be a part of this top ten, but we’ll be missing magical elements, such as the precious from Lord of the Rings, or superhero stuff, like Iron Man’s suit. Let’s get to it:

10. Minority Report – Sick Stick

Minority Report - Sick Stick

Despite being one of the messiest weapons in the sci-fi movies, the Sick Stick could also be one of the most innovative tools. Used by the cops in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi famous film, this unusual device is just a baton that produces various levels of lighting that make the victims to throw up and suffer from nausea, depending on the user’s preferences. What better method is there to stop a fight than to make the people experience total sickness, without even risking the cops’ wellbeing?

Recently there have been reviews that this tool could actually be reality on the streets gradually. Even though it might not be around during the next years, we will begin storing up on nappies and tissues for when it does hit the industry.

9. Krull – Glaive

Krull - Glaive

Krull was not exactly a major blockbuster at the cinemas back in 1983. The movie does have its own cult following, but you might ask yourself how much of these people are due to the movie’s trademark device, the Glaive. Very different from the poleaxes-type of Western inspiration, the Glaive in Krull is similar to the Smart Disc found previously in Predator 2. It is a mixture of throwing weapon and boomerang.

What really place this beastly device apart are its rotor blades and many wonderful enchantments. These enchantments, among other factors, actually make carrying this weapon a risky task for its user. In an actual fight, the Glaive is more prone to cut off the owner’s fingers. But in the movie, it can fulfill predictions and merge all individuals under one purpose.

8. Star Wars – Light Sabers

Star Wars - Light Sabers

We have all looked for a light saber at some point in our childhood or even later, right? Well, they might become a real thing not too far off. George Lucas’ light saber is a very simple, yet amazing idea for a weapon, and it quite seriously shocks us that it needed several years to enter into popular culture. Various versions of it were around in stories before the famous Star Wars series, but Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader introduced this seriously awesome device to the big screen in the seventies.

This legendary weapon has motivated many generations of children (and adults alike) to have their duels in the play yard – while cementing their passion for the Jedi values into their young mind like the hot edge of the saber itself. Other movies may come and go, but this device is an indication that Star Wars is permanently imprinted in the fans’ hearts. Like one of main characters said, this is a very stylish weapon and for a more cultured period.

7. Men in Black – The Noisy Cricket

Men in Black - The Noisy Cricket

Do not judge this tool by its inoffensive appearance. Sure this tiny Men in Black beauty might seem like it came out of selling device (do they still have these toys?), but the Noisy Cricket handled by Will Smith’s character, Agent J, produces a serious impact. Able of making an opening through solid walls with only one shot, the Noisy Cricket also provides enough backfire that, if its owner is not experienced, he might be tossed through those walls too. If it happens, crouching yourself is the suggested action.

6. Tron – Identity Disc

Tron - Identity Disc

Just imagine if your pockets included every last part of data about yourself and took the role of a disc throwing competitor. And what if you would able to use that Frisbee as a device which bounces off surfaces and changes anyone it hits into a load of damaged data particles? This is how every day looks in The Grid, and because of its multiple advantages, this is one thing you definitely do not want to set off without on the long run against your adversaries.

5. Robocop – Auto 9

Robocop - Auto 9

Serve the community where you patrol, protect the citizens, maintain the law and order and bring this huge gun with you.

It is true that Robocop’s rules are obvious. And assisting on that last line is the point that Old Detroit’s preferred cyborg also has an exclusively engineered leg holster which keeps this gun nicely nestled away inside his leg when he is not using it. The Auto 9’s capability to shoot in three-round bullets is an awesome function to have whether you are fighting scum-of-the-earth killers or seedy business professionals.

4. Blade Runner – Deckard’s Gun

Blade Runner - Deckard's Gun

Many years from now on, when vehicles fly, machines are used for servant work and it never stops pouring with rain, hard-boiled investigators still depend on classic bullets in order to get their job done. These handguns just have more power to them. Detective Deckard’s weapon is as much shotgun as it is revolver (the device was actually designed with elements of a German rifle). It looks awesome and it has the ability and energy to take down running Replicants in the center of a dark room.

3. Predator 2 – Smart Disc

Predator 2 – Smart Disc

One benefit the City Hunter Predator possessed in the second movie of the famous series, over the previous Predator, the Jungle Hunter, was a bigger and more versatile collection of weapons. The Smart Disk is fairly much the alien world’s best boomerang ever made. It is like a razor-sharp throwing disk that can be handled via its helmet receptors and always returns to its user, regardless of what his enemy might try to stop it. How this second Predator carried so much elegant technical weaponry and still was beaten by Danny Glover is a mystery for fans of all age groups.

 2. Thor – Mjolnir

Thor - Mjolnir

Designed by the dwarf blacksmiths and utilizing the extremely valuable uru steel, Mjölnir represents one of the most effective weaponry to ever hit the big screen. With the capability to create huge holes through massive mountains and call upon devastating storms, this great hammer shares similarity with the bare weapons of the ancient times, yet it is smooth and stylish enough to match easily the high-tech appearance of Asgard.

Just like Excalibur and King Arthur’s exclusive possession over it, Mjölnir can be raised by the great Thor, and when he does this, he immediately becomes one of the most powerful characters of the superheroes universe. In Thor, the might God of Thunder surely puts a curse on his step-brother Loki with this unbreakable weapon, but it is only in The Avengers when Mjölnir is really tested to its maximum. Not only does Thor use it to battle off a hoard of Chitauri fighters, but it also gets into the war against the powerful Hulk himself. It does all of these without having a scratch on it.

1. Star Wars – Death Star

Star Wars - Death Star

It can destroy entire planets. What else can you ask from it?

We will claim here, that while it is very true that it is able to transport troops and stuff, becoming a real home for plenty of individuals, the Death Star was mainly developed as a gigantic weapon. But this advanced gun of the Emperor represented more than just an actual weapon, maybe it was even more efficient as a device of fear against the entire galaxy. Or, at least it would have become that, if not for that village boy coming from Tatooine.

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