Flirting is the unwritten rule of seduction. Just like any other language in the world, it has its own set of rules. If you want to successfully get a girl to like you and seduce the woman you are going out with, you have to understand very well what she wants, what you should do, and what signals she is giving you. Here are 10 tips that will help you become an expert in the art of flirt.

  1. Practice

None of us are born experts. Some of us are shy, some lack confidence and others just don’t know what exactly they should do. Our first advice is to start going out with random people in order to learn. If you take someone on a date it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start a relationship, but you can use this time to perfect your skill and gain experience. This means that you will become more confident.

  1. Find a common subject

It might be hard to find something to

talk about at first, but we think that you should tell her whatever is on your mind, as long as it is nothing kinky or very bizarre, because you don’t want to scare her off. As long as she accepted to go out with you, then she is interested to hear what you have to say, and she also wants to know if you are a person who can be in control.

  1. Make eye contact

Eye contact is the golden rule when it comes to flirting, and when it comes to the art of seduction there are no better tips than the ones given on The Art of Charm. Listen to her when she is talking to you, and make sure that she sees that you are interested. Every time you are telling her something, look deep into her eye because you can understand a lot from them. If you are to shy to look someone directly in the eyes, focus on the point between the nose and the forehead.

  1. Make a compliment

Women loves compliments, not cheesy 

ones, but elegant ones. Even if you like a lot of things about her, compliment her only about one, but make sure you express it in a casual and relaxed way. This will make her feel more at ease, and more eager to open up to you. A compliment can also become a conversation starter.

  1. Undress her with the eyes

We are not talking about starring at her 

cleavage. There is a secret line between the eyes, lips and breasts that you should be aware of. Alternate your look between those three points and this way she will feel like the most desirable woman in the pub. You should do this, however, only after you’ve received some positive signals from her.

  1. Touch her „by mistake”

Now that you know she is into you, touch her, subtly and then apologize as if it were a mistake. You should focus on the hand, or shoulder. This way she will believe that you really did touch her by accident.

  1. Be funny

Women like men with which they can feel relaxed. A good sense of humor is always useful when going on dates. You can practice a few jokes, or go for the sarcastic sense of humor, but don’t push it. You could even end the night with a joke that will make her know that you are interested in seeing her again.

  1. Don’t brag

We congratulate you if you are an accomplished, healthy or good looking person, but don’t talk about this too much on a date. Women prefer men who are classy and charming. Try to seduce her with your own personality, not your realizations.

  1. Use words with double meaning

Now that things have heated up a little, 

you can start using words which have more than one meanings. For example, if she says that her food portion is too big, you can say something like „Big things are also good sometimes”. It is surprising how easy it can be to add a little sexuality to a conversation. Be careful with what you say, because you might end up sounding like a jerk.

  1. Beware of awkward moments of silence

Inevitably, there will be certain pauses 

in the conversation, and this might make you lose her. If you run out of subjects she might think that you don’t like her, or that your mind is in another place. If you have no ideas, you should ask her questions about herself, or what she thinks about you. This way you will easily get the conversation going again. Keep in mind that you should never interrupt her when she is talking. If you do it, she will think that you are not interested in what she has to say, and this is usually a deal-breaker.