Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis or Richard Gere are among the actors who have worked hard to adapt their looks for the roles played, whether it was about losing weight, gaining weight, giving up their hair. But the element of surprise in terms of appearance does not always guarantee success.

Whether they are so enjoyable that they do not need to make a change to face a new role, whether they are distributed in the same kind of role, these ten actors look almost unchanged every time they appear on the big screen. As women tend to change their look more often than men, even when it is not required for a role, actresses are missing from this list.

10. Stanley Tucci


We are talking here about one of the male actors is with a great personality and professional skills, and often he is the gay associate or best buddy, with a predisposition for nice suits and thick-framed glasses. He is excellent in this aspect and is able to make even the tiniest of parts extremely pleasant for the viewers, but there is no doubt that he has been labeled like this due to a rather exclusive look and conduct in public.

9. Michael Cera

Michael Cera

Michael Cera is, without a question, one of the new wave of actors who been labeled in a certain way since his part of George Michael on the famous series Arrested Development. He generally is distributed in the uncomfortable, mumbling youngster, whether it is in some various supporting roles and his latest initiatives as the main actor. Either way, Cera always looks and acts the same, wearing his locks, thin body and worried appearance.

He has mentioned his wish to try new stuff in various discussions over the interviews, but are viewers ever going to perceive him as something more than the slim guy from Superbad? The directors provided him the opportunity to be more of a loving action idol, but even those roles were designed toward his smoother part.

8. Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman

As awesome as the series already is, Arrested Development has not very kind to its celebrities, at least in regard to their chance of typecasting. Any personality on that series could have created his or her own show, but the one who seems to be in the most movies and wearing the same overall look is the lead character: Jason Bateman. He has constantly been distributed in various films since the series finished, playing male roles with, of course arrested development problems. And concerning his appearance, Bateman shows fairly much the same look from one film to the next, and the puzzled and over-his-head style never seems to vanish from his clothes.

7. Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Statham is very well known for his famous shaved head and manly five o’clock shadow, and he is probably the greatest action celebrity of our generation (following the trends established by major stars like actions of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme). He looks definitely the same in every film, especially when you take into consideration the fact that he always looks to perform the same role: the badass who is kicking asses all around.

Sure, sometimes a film director tries to offer him a bit more things to do in the movie, but even then Jason Statham is wearing awesome outfits, need a clean cut and seems like is only one step away from ruining your day if you make him angry.

6. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

What is it the deal with these people on this list? Do writers and directors particularly contact them and the entertainment industry gets into the superficial share of bald action characters to complete their parts? Add big muscles and a deeper and overwhelming voice, and now you have Vin Diesel in every movie. This guy performs the same role in all movies he is in, labeled as the almighty anti-hero who makes use of matter over mind. It is important to note that when Vin Diesel first arrived in this domain he looked for a serious acting career, but no one was looking past his muscular body.

When he was distributed as Xander Crate in the famous XXX, he emerged into the Hollywood’s world as one of this generation’s top and very successful celebrities. He even had a similar role in the family comedy The Pacifier, a movie no one considered to be a serious one, which led Diesel to go back to the old methods of action acting.

5. Danny Trejo


Probably the most typecast man in movies, Danny Trejo has made a profession of representing the tough-guy figures, bad people and antiheroes. Usually in B-movies, he has been in more than 200 films during all these years, which first started when he was given a part as an additional character on Runaway Train in 1985.

While most stars try to reduce their typecast look as soon as it begins, Trejo has accepted these roles throughout his acting career and is constantly finding himself established in movie projects every year. A regular collaborator of known directors, Trejo’s acting skills have started to consist of popular parts in films outside of the action category.

4. Ed Harris

Ed Harris

You may not instantly identify him only by his name, but I am sure you know Ed Harris right when you see his face on the big screen. He has already been nominated for no less than four Academy awards and currently he is one of the best stars in the show biz industry. He also looks these days exactly the same as he did some decades ago.

Ed Harris has acted in a variety of police and authorities roles during his career and seems to have a predisposition for these parts. We will not hold it against him, since even if the movie is in is not an excellent one, he is always nice to watch.

3. Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Despite what some might say about him, Richard Gere has a natural ability for playing conceited attorneys and entrepreneurs and is often dressed in classy suits that look perfect on him. He started his acting career in 1973 and easily established himself as one of the top actors and sex icon in Hollywood for more than four decades. Through the many years he has maintained the same primary overall look and delivers a certain appeal that gives each of his parts an unforgettable and captivating quality that draws the crowds to his movies.

2. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

What happened to him? The star now acts without second thoughts, hardly making the effort to do any exciting tasks or to do anything other than acting like the irritated, hesitant action man. He was eventually let go from being on some projects due to a negligence he has shown lately in his profession and with another sequel of Die Hard in production, it seems like he is not avoiding anything in the near future.

1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Was the famous and loved-by-many Morgan Freeman ever a young man? He is definitely one of the most legendary stars of all-time, featuring in a few movies every season that range from Oscar competitors to direct-to-DVD flicks. He often performs the mature, smarter character to a more hotheaded counterpart, and does an excellent job while doing it.

But we are sure that if you were to align screen shots of him from each of these roles over the last decades, it would be difficult to allocate each image to the appropriate movie. Even if he does not really “phone in” his acting, he does depend on the same set of techniques then and again, and he has one of the most popular voices in the show biz industry thanks to the several movies he has also narrated.

And, there you have it! Ten stars who always seem to be exactly the same. Of course, this is not an all-inclusive top. When doing an analysis for this list, we had a very difficult time cutting it down to only these men. We were genuinely amazed by how many celebrities go through a lack of actual changes during their careers.

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