There are many situations when relationships fall apart and each blames the other. Even if your reason was “We did not match”, the next ten mistakes often contribute to the separation of two people.

1. Telling lies

As long as everyone is honest and there is trust, you have a pretty good foundation to rely on your partners feels you have a stable relationship and he’s also sure about yourself. If you happened to lie to you boyfriend or husband, it would be best to confess the mistake you’ve made. That will not guarantee you forgiveness, but if he finds out from other sources, it will be worst.

2. Not admitting errors

As long as you do not admit when we make mistakes, those mistakes will not be “corrected” or never forgiven because no one is to blame. Start any relationship based on this principle and from the beginning to the end, recognize your errors. Thus every mistake will be forgotten.

3. Comparing your current boyfriend with your ex

Any man will feel offended if his partner makes such comparisons. Each is different in his own way, ex-boyfriend had his strengths and weaknesses, the current one has his. Frankly, from this kind of comparisons you can only start real fights.

4. Being too stubborn

Even if this is your way of being, try not to be so extremely stubborn. It will be hard, but if you love the person near you, you’ll realize that it’s best to be more tolerant and less stubborn. Not every man can put up with a stubborn woman and if you don’t do something about it, he will.

5. Be more understanding and control your possessive instincts

A man who feels like he’s in a cage will do everything possible to escape, and he will escape by not coming back, so don’t make your boyfriend feel too restricted. Give him freedom, do not make scenes when he wants to go out for a beer with the guys or a game. Maybe you can do the same with your friends, go shopping together, have a manicure, or just to talk like girls.

6. Being jealous for no reason

It is said that if you’re not jealous, you are not in love. Jealousy can bring the spice in a relationship, but if it exaggerated, it can become a destructive element. Make sure you control your instincts and demand explanations only after you take all things into account.

7. Loosing respect

Even if you get to fight with your boyfriend, it’s best to always be diplomatic. Do not offend him whether or not he is to blame. Respect is very important in a couple and it’s essential if you want to have a beautiful and lasting relationship. A man who does not feel respected and appreciated, will look elsewhere.

8. Not giving him attention

If you are involved in a relationship it’s normal for him to confess his problems and frustrations. Arm yourself with patience and listen to him every time carefully. I’m sure you want the same things, so make sure you yourself offer them.

9. Not treating the mother-in-law with respect

Even if your boyfriend or husband is not very close to his immediate family, his mother certainly has an important place in his life. Even if your relationship with his mom is not very good, do not attempt to remove your partner from his mother’s life because it’s almost impossible. That will only create conflicts between you and him.

10. Meeting the parents too soon

Do not insist for him to meet your parents if you feel like he is hesitating. Give him time to get to know you better and convince himself that the relationship is going well. The next step will probably be meeting the parents.

Don’t get us wrong: avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will not guarantee a healthy relationship. There is no secret or rule for that. However, since these are the most common mistakes people make in a relationship, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss them. They will not keep the two of you together forever, but they might buy you some time.

Do you have your own little “rules” when it comes to relationships? Are there things you tell yourself you shouldn’t do?