Have you ever heard about the myth that every alcoholic drink will get you drunk differently? Is it really possible that drinking vodka mixed drinks will make you behave differently than if you were drinking beer? Well, it’s no myth, we can assure you. It’s true, every drink has its own way of making you behave after you drink it. Some may say that alcohol is still alcohol no matter how you have it, but we do beg to differ. The same way red wine goes with red meat, other drinks go with different occasions and will make you feel and act differently. Let’s take a look at those drinks.

10. Brandy


Brandy is a classy drink. You won’t see college frat boys drinking this at their parties. But how does brandy make you feel when you drink it? Well, studies have shown that drinking brandy gets you relaxed and in the mood for talking. It won’t make you as giggly as drinking, let’s say vodka mixed drinks.

9. Tequila


Tequila is a party starter, that’s for sure. Every time someone shouts shots people gather around the bar like they’re giving out free money. Once you’ve had a couple of shots you feel like you’re the king or queen of the world and are in the mood for dancing. But remember, tequila will only give you the impression you’re a good dancer.

8. Champagne


Elizabeth Taylor said that champagne is the only drink that will make a woman look beautiful when intoxicated. If she said it, then it must so. Champagne will make you giggly and bubbly and in the mood for more champagne. Just make sure you’re not drinking any of that sweet stuff – it’ll give you a headache in the morning.

7. Gin


Gin is a serious drink. Some say it is an acquired taste – and they’re right. It takes some getting used to and if you’re not careful, you’ll get so drunk you won’t remember a thing the next day. Our advice is not to get drunk on gin, if you want to remember what happened the night you drank it. If your intention is to forget, then, by all means, go for it.

6. Whiskey



This one’s also a mind eraser and also takes some getting used to it. If you’re not used to drink whiskey straight up, then mix it with some soda or at least have a beer close by to wash it down. If you do want to get into whiskey, then we suggest you do some sampling and decide which one you like and then stick to it.

5. Vodka


Vodka is the most versatile alcoholic drink in the world. You can drink it straight up, on the rocks or mixed with various fruit juices. Simple vodka will knock you off your feet, but vodka mixed drinks is more palatable and you won’t even feel you’re getting tipsy while you’re out on the town. Get used to feeling warm, that’s what vodka does to you.

4. Martini


Like brandy, Martini is one classy cocktail. James Bond’s choice of drink, the Martini is done by mixing gin and white vermouth – three parts gin and one part vermouth. Winston Churchill liked his Martini so dry that they used to say he would drink the gin and only glance at the vermouth bottle. It will get you drunk pretty fast, so be careful. It will also give you the impression you’re invincible!

3. White Wine


Some say it’s impossible to get drunk from drinking white wine. Well, not really, have a whole bottle and you’ll get drunk, but it won’t be pretty. Wine makes your stomach quite sensitive and will give you the state of mind that won’t make you a pleasure to be around.

2. Red Wine


Red wine will raise your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. Your cheeks will turn red and you’ll be wanting to do some dancing, talking and more drinking. Apparently red wine also affects your sexual desires, so you’ll be getting those bedroom eyes when you drink it.

1. Beer


Beer is the perfect party long haul drink: it won’t get you drunk fast, it won’t make you sleepy and it will give you energy to dance, joke and have fun. We here at 10Awesome.com love our beer and can’t recommend it enough and we must say we miss those hot summer days when all we ever did was drink beer and talk to our friends about crap. We really miss that! What kind of beer do you prefer?