In this digital age, capturing a moment in vivid details is no longer that impossible. But because we are humans and we can still appreciate beauty, we still admire a beautifully taken photograph. But wait until you see what these hyperrealistic painters can do. Not only can they copy every detail of a photograph skillfully, they can also trick your eye into believing that what you’re seeing is real. Look and be amazed:

1. Roberto Bernardi

Look at that painting! If I came across that during a random Google image search, I would never think that it is an oil painting on canvas. From the depth of field to how the light hits the basket, this screams “digital photo” to my brain. Alas, my brain is fooled. But I guess that’s okay since Roberto Bernardi is skilled enough and is the right painter to mess with my brain. He studied Renaissance painting while still a student and actually worked in Rome as a restorer in the early ’90s.

2. Denis Peterson

This looks like photo from a National Geographic magazine, does it? But you know it’s not. This is called Don’t Shed No Tears. This acrylic on canvas is just one of the many hyperrealistic paintings that Denis has done. He is so good that his works have been displayed in many high-end museums. His more recent works show New York urbanscapes with giant billboards. You would think that the billboards are the paintings but the buildings, buses, and people are part of the whole canvas, too.

3. Jason de Graaf

The thing that you will notice right away with Jason’s paintings is the way he captures water. From the movement to the beauty of a single drop, your mind would refuse to accept that you’re seeing a painting. Assuming that this is a photograph, you’d admire the person who took it because of his or her perfect timing and fast shutter speed. But when you realize it’s a painting, your mind is officially blown.

4. Gregory Thielker

Gregory is another hyperrealist known for his work with water-related subjects. Not only are his painting hyperreal, they are cinematographic as well. This painting, for instance, will transport you to a movie scene where the character waits patiently inside a vehicle. Any minute now, that rain-drenched window will slide down and another character will be introduced to the scene. This is oil on linen and called “Until Now.”

5. Luigi Benedicenti

This painting puts to shame the work of the best food photographers out there. In fact, all food paintings of this Italian master look incredibly real and delicious. I’d hazard to say that they look even more mouth-watering than an actual scoop of ice cream or slice of fruit in front of you. One look and your senses are assaulted with all great things that you relate with luxurious treats — from the aroma to the way they melt to the texture to the way they taste in your mouth.

6. Jacques Bodin

This French hyperrealist has shown his beautiful works in Milan and Paris. His close-up paintings of women can rival the most detailed editorials of magazines. But it’s his paintings of grass that really take on a hyperreal element. This painting, for instance, can easily be a photograph of a grassy knoll near the beach.

7. Pedro Campos

“How could this be anything but a photograph?” you ask yourself. Well, it’s not. It’s an oil on canvas that measures around sixty by sixty inches. This is not the most impressive of this hyperrealist’s works. He also has fantastic paintings of fruits, soda cans, marbles, and other objects that will make you go “Whoa!” The thing that you must notice is the way he paints plastic bags; they look so real you can almost hear them crinkle.

8. Claudio Bravo

Hailing from Chile, this hyperrealist now lives in Tangier, Moroco. If that brilliant painting is not enough to impress you, Claudio has been commissioned by very powerful people to do their portraits. Examples are the former president and first lady of the Philippines, Ferdinand and Imelda Marco and the dictator of Spain, Franco.

9. Alyssa Monks

This talented lady’s works can be primarily categorized as photo realism but she has some paintings that can be called nothing but hyperreal. Her series of bathing portraits, for example, include genuinely exceptional hyperrealist pieces. This is not really surprising since Alyssa is one of the celebrated painters of our time. Her works have been displayed in top galleries all over the world. She has also been awarded the Elizabeth Greensheilds Foundation Grant for Painting thrice.

10. Simon Hennessey

Doing portraits primarily, Simon is one of the most popular hyperrealists today. He has painted celebrities and has has shows all over the UK. If you ever like having your mind blown, you may visit his work at the Plus One gallery in London. And perhaps, if you have money to burn, you can ask him to do a portrait of you.

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