rye bread

Most tips and advice on losing weight will eventually make you feel miserable, because they’re restrictive and hard to incorporate into a routine. So much money is wasted on weight loss programs and foods that sometimes, you end up believing that nothing works. Sure, there are some herbal teas that will help you lose weight, but the bigger picture needs to be adjusted when it comes to weight loss. Well, today we’ve got 10 appetite suppressants that work! We assure you that these tips aren’t just easy to follow and incorporate into your routine, but they’re also going to do good job of curbing your appetite.

10. Cut Food in Smaller Piecessmaller pieces

One study performed by the Arizona State University has shown that cutting food in smaller pieces helps the individual become satiated faster than they would if they ate the same food in one large piece of food. You can do this test on your own with a slice of pizza in two different days and see what results you get.

9. Eat Ryerye bread

Whole grains are good for you, but whole rye is amazing. Choose products that are made completely with rye flour, because so many products have wheat flour added to the mix. Rye is a great appetite suppressant because it triggers a lower insulin response and it boosts fullness. Give rye pasta a try, if you’re not so sure about it, and we’ll promise you you’ll never look back at white wheat flour!

8. Remember, Rememberpasta

Researchers from the University of Birmingham have done some research on remembrance and food. One part of the volunteers was asked to remember their lunches a few hours after they’ve eaten and another was asked to recall their commute. The ones who thought about food ate less. What does this tell us, that even thinking about food can make us full!

7. Get those Endorphins in Action exercise

Exercise not only helps us burn calories, but it also restores the sensitivity of those neurons that are involved with sending information about satiety to the brain. The sooner our brain gets told it is full, the sooner we stop eating. Did you know that taking a 15 minute stroll instead of a 15 minute break can cut snacking at work by half?

6. Create a Pleasant Environment to Eat Insit down at the table

Yes, you heard us! A pleasant environment to eat in will help us eat less. Think about eating down at a table, with a knife and fork as opposed to eating in front of the television while watching a movie. It makes sense that when we’re paying attention to what we are eating, we’re getting fuller, faster! We should all make our breakfast, lunch and dinner a pleasant event.

5. Take it Easyslow down

When it comes to appetite suppressants that work, we’ve got one piece of advice that will help tone down your hunger. Eating slowly and enjoying your food has been found to help your brain realize when it is full much better. When you’re hungry and you’re shoveling food in your mouth, your brain doesn’t have time to process the information sent by the stomach. You end up getting a bellyache from all the mindless eating.

4. Eat More Fatextra virgin olive oil

It’s not a trick, it really is true: if you eat more fat, then your smaller intestine will produce a compound that will tell your brain it isn’t hungry. This can only work with good fats, such as nuts, avocado and extra virgin olive oil. Sorry, bacon will not suppress your appetite! Also, did you know that fat with delay your stomach being emptied, thus keeping you fuller for a longer period of time?

3. Always Eat Breakfastbreakfast

Your mother told you this over and over while you were growing up and now it’s our turn: always eat breakfast! It will jump-start your metabolism and provide you with all the energy your body needs until lunch. Did you now that studies have shown that people who skipped breakfast drink 55% more soda and eat 40% more sweets than people who don’t skip the most important meal of the day?

2. Use Spicesspices

If you incorporate delicious spices into your every meal, then you’re not only adding flavor to your dishes, but you’re also helping yourself eat less and suppress your appetite. Spicy and aromatic foods have been proved to work as appetite suppressants. The best spices are: fresh ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, mint, turmeric and of course, chili.

1. Eat Coconut Oilcoconut oil

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that will help suppress your appetite. One teaspoon, half an hour before breakfast, will do wonders for you figure. It will give you a fullness sensation and will also ward off hunger. Take coconut oil every day, until you reach your goal weight or until you feel like you’ve had enough.

Are you going to give these appetite suppressants that work a try? Do you have any other tips and tricks for us that you would like to share with us? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you.