When we say awesome action anime, we mean ACTION! That is “ACTION!!!” with exclamation marks! Well okay, we just said this to emphasize and underline certain factors, because that is what action cartoons are all about! These anime are targeted on the action and concentration of everything in the scenario – be it: their characters, their fights, their stunts…every element in them! More often than not, this category is accountable for making the fans enthusiastic and thrilled about the things to come. This means that it makes you want to look around restlessly while waiting for the next episode to be aired. In simple words, action anime are like a bomb (exploding with attractive graphics and highly engaging stuff).

So there, we wanted to sum-up what an action anime is all about with that kind of weird, over-excited and absurd description. And so there you go, we have detailed down here our Top 10 Awesome Action Anime depending on how well-known they are, how intense is the action and the way we see/view these cartoons, but also from the perspective of fans from around the world. Now get a deep breath as you are in for a session of intense action that will make you get yourself off the ground.


10. Guilty Crown


Snagging the 10th place with an assortment of secrets, dilemma, mecha, paranormal abilities and outstanding scenario is an anime show that will definitely make you to experience some guilt if you have not viewed it yet. Well, the word guilty is already in its name and it is placed as Tenth on this listing; that anime is Guilty Crown for sure

Story-wise, you should not anticipate too much when watching this anime because we believe that its creators could have done it a lot better. The audio and soundtrack are amazing though, but what is essential here anyway is its action! It has plenty of twists and fighting scenes that are intense enough for you to neglect all the other mediocre elements in it.

Guilty Crown begins when a 17-year-old boy, Shu, unintentionally summons the strange Inori Yuzuriha, a member of the notorious terrorist team – Funeral Parlor. After the eventful experience, Shu gets involved in a vicious issue that includes shadowy fringe movements and a dangerous virus. Along with Inori, Shu acquires a top-secret ability – the Guilty Crown – an energy that allows him to draw out voids from victims’ minds and hearts and use them as weapons.

9. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

If you are looking for many life-and-death fights with extremely interesting scenario, then look no further – you have just found it through the anime sensation, Deadman Wonderland. Even if there are pieces of horrible moments and callous turns in this one (and the point that one of its significant styles is blood-based), all of them synchronizes up well with the experience, which makes it a really interesting display to look at. There are fights and plenty of basically gore fight moments (while not that repulsive to see) to see that you will not move for a while from your chair.

Deadman Wonderland is a 2-in-1 location that functions as both a high-security jail block and a circus (hence its name Deadman Wonderland). All these are just a simple act though because what can be found below is actually a dreadful key that once has shaken the fundaments of the nation. After seeing the horrible killing of all his classmates in a massacre, middle-school-student Igarashi Ganta is blamed as the root cause of all of this. Unknown to him, this dreadful moment in his life will soon cause him to deal with the ugly reality of what lies in the dark areas of Deadman Wonderland.

8. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist

Amazing fight scenes including alchemy and a law of comparative exchange? How awesome is that? It is no wonder that this anime show has reached 8th place here on our listing. Well, as the anime is really well known and highly rated, all these achievements are made thanks to its outstanding story, catchy action and attractive scenario it presented. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood not only fascinated audiences with its exclusive assumption and storyline, but also, with its high-end alchemic tricks. As the law of comparative returns indicates, an outstanding anime is equal to outstanding fan celebration.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood follows the life of the Elric bros, Edward and Alphonse, right after they had a dreadful incident in alchemy trying to execute the taboo ritual and losing some parts of their body in the procedure (for Alphonse, the whole body). Now, after gathering tons of information about alchemy and being expert alchemists themselves, they begin a trip to locate the all-mighty Philosopher’s Stone and recover their bodies. Unknowingly to them, as they approach and get nearer to the stone, they also get nearer to the unquestionable surprising reality about the whole universe of alchemy.

7. Btooom!


There is nothing more power-packed and interesting than a hugely popular online game – in our example, Btooom! But when the gamers are compelled to perform that survival activity in real-life, the skill requirements improve significantly with an x100 multiplier at once! If what we have said is not enough, then just go watch the anime and see the bomb-fest of action occurring at all times.

Btooom is a game played online where the gamers use exclusive bombs and explosives as weaponry. A secret to most of them, there is actually a fringe movement behind it where the designers catch despairing individuals to live the same experience on an abandoned isle in real-life. This means that it is a fight of life-and-death where a gamer who gathers a certain variety of chips can be able to leave the hellish island. 22-year-old Ryouta Sakamoto (who just happens to be a top-ranked Btooom among the Internet players) wakes up on the isle one day only to discover that he has no option but to perform the real-life activity of Btooom and endure the tough conditions.

6. Terra Formars

Terra Formars

If action features and battle moments with little-to-no pauses in between are what you are looking for, then Terra Formars has the solution for you. Really, every scene of every episode (excepting the first ones) of the anime is action-packed to the max! Fights here and there, strikes coming from everywhere – there is really no rest from fighting in this show. Why? Well, the scenario here could probably die if it quit having action even for a short time.

Terra Formars represents the battle of humankind against mutated (or maybe evolved) roaches on Mars. Firstly, people were trying to begin making MARS a human friendly environment by transporting moss and roaches there to create the environment. But then, after many centuries, things take a darker and deeper turn. All cockroaches evolved into monsters and a dangerous virus is spreading on Earth. The only solution now is to catch the Terra Formars, make researches on them, create an anti-virus from their bodies and if it is possible – eliminate them all!

5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Since Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the very meaning of EPIC in the universe of anime, landing down here to grab the 5th place by itself is just a simple task. Astonishingly, Gurren Lagann’s great scenes are not just noticeable thanks to its amazing and out-of-this-world storyline, but also by its death-defying scenario it features. From the largest robot ever to some over-emphasized motions and tricks, you will not be able to help it but move along with its spectacular scenes

Gurren Lagann begins in a subterranean environment where people now stay and barely survive, unaware of the existence of a surface world. Residing there, is a modest digger named Simon, and his effort to dig channels to expand the town. One day, he finds an unusual drill-shaped item within the dust. Not understanding what it is and what important modifications it will carry, Simon keeps it as pendant only to soon understand that his destiny will permanently be changed in the most extreme and most epic situations.


4. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Taking the 4th place with class is a cartoon that knows no limits when it comes to impressive fights and unbelievable design. From the makers of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann you have Kill la Kill! If you have seen it before, then you already know that almost every scene of the anime looks like a piece of puzzle for the whole storyline. With that said, we must add that that astonishing drawing in itself is what is maintaining audiences stuck to the TV.

Kill la Kill is a tale of vengeance that presents Ryuuko Matoi’s adventures on looking for the one who murdered her dad – the lady with the scissor blades! As she goes from place to place, she lastly comes upon a weird school with its students having absurd quantities of energy through their Goku university outfits. The entire student body is controlled by the school’s authorities under the callous and extremely effective villain Satsuki Kiryuuin. And all of that is Ryuuko Matoi’s most significant hint following her aspirations to actual vengeance.

3. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter might always (feels like an eternity) be on-hold or hiatus (both manga and anime), but amazingly, it is one of the best cartoons out there with regards to its story, action and probably everything else. Getting hints from that, one should not ignore the intensity in the anime. Everything is well thought and nicely animated, even their moves and abilities have large complexity in them. As a result, this makes each fight highly anticipated that you would probably be hooked to the action and sit there wanting (more like begging) for more stuff.

Hunters – they are the most experts of all experts on the globe. And so, they are considered as V.I.P.s and unique individuals everywhere. Becoming a member of the teams of the hunters is not a simple task though, there is a risky analyze (hunter exam) that needs very excellent and attuned abilities to successfully pass. A boy known as Gon Freecs is one of the candidates this time, and together with his few teammates; the avenger Kurapika, the expert hiller Killua and the apparently normal doctor Leorio, they go through the risky hunter examination to engage in their own excellent goals.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

It is said that Sword Art Online is so over-rated, but for many, it should get all the excellent scores it gained. They can testify that the activity in Sword Art Online is really enhanced and cutting-edge. You see, it is one of the cartoons where you really experience the excessive excitement and danger in some of its battle scenes. Well, not all battle moments in this cartoon are like that, but good to discuss is that one boss beating in a certain ground. That made some fans nervous because of its overexcitement. The storyline is not over yet, but we are really anticipating a lot more from it in the future episodes.

Sword Art Online tells the stories of how the very first exclusive online game transformed into a large catastrophe and debate. A huge number of gamers were stuck within the game experience without the possibility to log out until someone completes the entire game. As if that was not enough and may look like a really pleasant bad luck, there is the point that when a gamer passes away within the game – well, they also die in real life (Matrix, someone?)! Now, a dark swordsman named Kirito follows the part of a beater and tries to complete all elves until their very end.

1. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Alright, after everything we have approved so far, it is now the time to expose the winner (in our opinion) of this list. Standing high above the other (actually gigantic or titanic if you want) as 1st place on the top 10 is – Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan. To be honest, we could not really tell you any more about it. Words will not even cut it in explaining the intense level of action in this top anime. Let us just say that there is an enormous titan; that enormous titan is actually this anime and that giant’s nape simply cannot be touched by human blades (or in this situation, words). Really, we might appear absurd already, but we recommend you to see it now to understand for yourself what loaded scenario and story we are referring to.

As humankind was left to stay within enormous walls that keep off the man-eating giants, there seems to be no future remaining for people if nothing is done as soon as possible. They actually have resided in peace for several years within the secluded cities, but one day, an enormous titan shatters the outer surfaces and smashes their place. After that terrible occasion, a teen named Eren Jaeger that got through that scary event, vows to be a brave soldier to kill all the titans that live out there. That is not a simple mission to do though, as he discovers the true facts about these titans and the faith of humankind.

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