You can find many great websites on the Internet, with some awesome apps and services. If you don’t know them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, so check out these ten cool websites! Hope you’ll find something useful here…

Seavus DropMind lets you create mind maps to store, organize and prioritize information. They have an app already developed (but you must pay for it), a coming soon app for iPad and a free great webapp that we strongly recommend: lets you search Google, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr,, Amazon and plenty of other sites, in a cool interface. You will like it:

With you can create great hoovers for your favorite sites. Folders are also available:

SpiderOak provides an easy, secure and consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux:

Headmagnet creates a model of what’s going on in your head. It predicts what memories have faded away, and what memories are still inside, allowing you to quickly get things in your head and keep them there. The more you use headmagnet, the better it gets at modeling what goes on in your head:

Mashpedia is a free to use online encyclopedia that updates and gathers the results of our query in real time. That means that every time you’ll search for something, even if you use the same keywords, Mashpedia will return different results:

Just upload a photo and start edit it with Piknik. No registration needed:

Soundation is a free to use website that provides sound loops and an interactive UI to play with those loops. Create your music without expensive and complex applications:

Logaway allows you to keep all of your login and password data in one place while simultaneously giving you the best of the internet:

With an AJAX-rich interface, GoingUp! combines powerful web analytics with top notch SEO tools. If you are a blogger, you’ll like this wonderful website: