Summer is just around the corner, and going to the beach is an absolute must. Sunny days, beaches packed with people of all ages and nationalities, watching the sunset with your chosen one, drinking red wine while looking at the tall waves at night, singing around the campfire, having a blast in other words, are just few of the things that come into mind when speaking of holidays on the beach. Besides your regular outfit, the towel is one of the most important “accessories” to have with you while at the beach, and we’ve decided to make a top of ten awesome beach towels. Enjoy!



10. Toy Story 3



We begin our top with this Toy Story 3 beach towel especially designed for your children. A fun fact for you to know is that Toy Story 3 was also the first film to be released theatrically with 7.1 surround sound, and that the movie broke “Shrek The Third” record.

9. Face Here



There are some basic ground rules when coming to the beach, and this towel clearly states them in a funny way. You can’t just put your face anywhere. This hilarious towel will probably get you some girls sitting next to you, that if you’re lucky enough.

8. Playboy Towel



The number one American adult-oriented magazine can now be on your beach towel, alongside with your hot as the sun girlfriend. It enters our number eight out of ten awesome beach towels, but be careful and do not expose your beautiful playmate too much into the sun.

7. I’m Busy!



Going down to our number one, we’ve found this awesome towel that states the obvious. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet summer day in the sun, sipping your favorite cocktail while watching people having fun in the ocean, or you just want to be left alone, this towel is surely to deliver its message.

6. Measuring Towel



Looking awesome on the beach is yet another thing to take into consideration, especially with girls who are pretty much obsessed with their look. This towel will put them to rest, as it embeds a measuring scale on the upper edge, keeping them assured they look as hot as they can.

5. The Axe Effect



We’re all accustomed with Axe’s outrageous commercials on TV. Now you can have that effect on girls with wearing this not-so-subtle but awesome beach towel. There is another version of it that, instead of having depicted two woman’s legs wrapped around your waist, shows a pair of hands.

4. Don’t Drown!



Number four out of ten awesome beach towels is this funny towel that bares the message “You’re probably not expecting to drown today”. Not everyone knows how to swim and, if that’s the case for you, the towel will carefully remind you not to take the risk.

3. Grill Towel



I will never forget my first day at the beach when, as I was a silly little kid, I fell asleep under the sun and woke up with a bad case of skin burn, and a horrible headache. But you can avoid this from happening with this funny looking beach towel that will keep you aware that you’re ready to be baked, if you fall asleep.

2. Gillette: Fur Fur Away Towels



A study showed that only 12% of women like men with body hair and 71,6 % of men prefer a shaved bikini zone. As such, Gillette brought the topic into discussion with these creative towels for both men and women. The idea is the world’s first bath towel with holes in areas where you would usually find body hair.

1. Convertible Beach Bag



Who would have thought that a beach towel can be transformed into a handy beach bag? Well, Maison Martin Margiela did when he decided to design this two-in-one product towel – a large towel to protect you from the beach’s sand, and a huge yellow bag that unzips and unbuttons itself to become, once again, a towel.

Today we ask you when was the first time you went to the beach, and what’s your greatest memory of it?