Christmas Party Games

The most wonderful time of year is here: the winter holidays! It’s a time for being grateful for what we have and who we have in our lives, a time to spend with our friends and family, a time to be kind and generous and a time to have fun and relax. Christmas parties wouldn’t be the same without a nice little Christmas game, so in today’s article we’re going to present to you 10 awesome Christmas party games ideas that will make your Christmas party even more entertaining. Don’t forget to bring the camera, because things will most definitely get interesting!

10. Christmas TriviaChristmas Party Games trivia

Trivia is always very fun and if you throw Christmas in the mix, it gets even more fun. There are many ways to use trivia to have fun, so talk to your guest and decide together on something that is going to appeal to the majority.

9. Christmas Ugly SweaterChristmas Party Games ugly

OK, so this is more of a Christmas party theme idea, but if you decide to have a ugly sweater party, then a contest for the ugliest sweater is an absolute must! It will not be easy to pick the ugliest sweater, because there are so many out there, but you’ll have loads of fun trying to choose it!

8. Shave the BalloonChristmas Party Games shave

This one is super fun and funny for both adults and kids. We recommend you fill the balloon with confetti to make it even messier than shaving a balloon already is. So, give all the folks an inflated balloon, tell them to draw faces on them, have then apply shaving cream on the balloon and hand them plastic knives (under no circumstanced should you use a real knife, the popping sound might startle the person holding the knife). Whoever manages to shave the balloon without popping it, wins!

7. Snowball Throwing ContestChristmas Party Games snowball

What’s winter without a snowball throwing contest? But, instead of throwing snowballs at each other, you should make a bull’s eye and hit that. People could get hurt by snowballs and we’re not in primary school anymore to enjoy hurting each other.

6. Photo BoothChristmas Party Games photo

You need a camera and a lot of props for this game. All the people get to dress us as silly as possible (don’t forget the reindeer horns) and take pictures. The wackiest picture of them all wins! Establish beforehand who the judge is going to be and how the photographs are going to be judged.

5. Funny AwardsChristmas Party Games funny

If the Christmas party is an intimate one, you can have people give out funny awards to each other. Should Uncle Joe receive the Longest Ear Hair award, or should it go to Aunt Mavis? Don’t do this if you’ve got people you don’t know too well. You risk of upsetting them.

4. Human Christmas TreeChristmas Party Games human

This one is very fun for children, so if you’ve got a few at your Christmas party, get them involved. For this game, you split in groups and each group gets to decorate a human being as a Christmas tree. The group who does it the fastest and has the most original tree, wins! This game is also perfect for class or company parties.

3. Christmas Scavenger HuntChristmas Party Games scavenger

Scavenger hunts are all incredibly fun, so it’s a great pick for a Christmas party. Work together on understanding the clues and extend your search outside, if the weather permits. This one is really time consuming, so make sure there are plenty of snacks for everybody.

2. Guess the Christmas SongChristmas Party Games

Before you start the game you need to have a compilation of Christmas songs on your computer or music player. Choose both popular songs and obscure ones. You play 5 seconds of a track and allow people to think and try to guess the song. The first person who thinks they know it, must raise their hands and if they’re correct, they should sing more of the song. They get bonus points if they guess the year the song was released.

1. Christmas CharadesChristmas party games charades

This one is our number one, just because it’s such a classic Christmas party game where everybody gets to laugh and have fun. Divide the guests between as many groups as you want and then proceed to being the best charade you can be! Make sure you set the rules before you start the game, you wouldn’t want anyone to argue about rules.

For more ideas, try Pinterest or Tumblr. What is your favorite Christmas party game? Share it with us.