Christmas Tree Decorations classic

Christmas is almost here and the preparations are under way. Aside from gift shopping and putting together the wonderful Christmas meal, we need to think about the Christmas tree decorations. If you want your tree to be the best looking tree on the block, then you need to invest some time and thought into buying or creating the perfect decoration. The most important thing when it comes to decorated Christmas trees is to have a theme in mind. In today’s article we’re going to give you 10 awesome Christmas tree decorations ideas, themes and tips to inspire you.

10. Sometimes, Classic is the BestChristmas Tree Decorations classic

If you don’t have much time to think about Christmas decorations, then go for the classically decorated Christmas tree: beautiful lights, red decorations, an angel on top and you’re good to go. If you choose this route, then we suggest you go and buy some new decorations, and only recycle a few of the previous years. 2012 may be been a nice year, but its decorations are pretty passé.

9. Christmas Tree ReminiscingChristmas Tree Decorations souvenirs

What’s the best way to showcase all of your travel souvenirs? Well, hang them on your Christmas tree, of course! Show the world that you’re a modern family, by hanging pictures and all sorts of funky and small souvenirs from your vacations. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the decorating!

8. Bloom!Christmas Tree Decorations bloom

Another great idea is to decorate your tree with a mesh of blooming flowers. Spring may be a millions years away, but it doesn’t mean that your Christmas tree can’t channel a bit of a spring décor to it. Go shopping for silk flowers or even plastic ones, the Christmas pre sale is here! A beautifully lit, flower-filled Christmas tree would look great in any house.

7. Go Wild!Christmas Tree Decorations bold

Who said that a Christmas tree needs to respect a certain color theme? If you’re a wild individual, then go wild with your Christmas tree! Throw in some gold, purple, green, white and yellow and make it a colored Christmas tree. While you’re at it, make it the most colorful tree you can! It will make some eyes hurt, but as long as you love it, it’s alright.

6. DYI Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas Tree Decorations DYI decorations

Got some time on your hands? Then you should definitely make your own Christmas tree decorations! Take out the 2012 burlap you have in your garage box and start putting those hands to work. If you need inspiration we recommend Pinterest or even Google images. This is a great activity to do with your kids.

5. Spirit AnimalChristmas Tree Decorations animal

What is your spirit animal? What animal does your soul identify with the most? And can you use that animal as inspiration for your Christmas tree decorating? Look at this wonderful snow owl and think about how you can incorporate it into your tree. Hang small images of it and use its color scheme for your Christmas tree.

4. Patriotic TreeChristmas Tree Decorations patriotic

One of the nicest ideas for a wonderful Christmas tree is to choose a patriotic theme. Blue, red and white will look so pretty in your green tree. Instead of a star on top, use a lush ribbon. You can either keep all the decorations inside this color scheme, or choose patriotic ones, but make sure you don’t overdo it!

3. Make a StatementChristmas Tree Decorations statement

Classic is nice, but modern is nicer. Make a bold fashion statement this year with your Christmas tree. How about some art deco as inspiration for your tree? At the end of the day, it’s your tree and you can hang whatever you want from it. Choose modern minimal for the coolest Christmas tree on the block.

2. Let Nature DecorateChristmas Tree Decorations natural

Mother nature is the best decorator, so why not let her decorate your Christmas tree this year? Get inspiration from the great outdoors, the country side and hang some real decorations on your green tree. Pine cones, slices of lemons and oranges and colorful leaves are pretty and will last a long time. And if you want to go all the way, have an outdoor live Christmas tree!

1. Solar System MadnessChristmas Tree Decorations solar

These new mini planets are going to look amazing on Christmas tree branches! Pop in a few stars and some half-moons and your solar system madness of a Christmas tree is done. These particular Christmas decorations can be found right here, but they’re pretty expensive, because they’re handmade. If you’re low on cash, maybe you could just choose your favorite planet.

Do you have any more Christmas tree decorating ideas you would like to share with us?